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Hey all you amazing comic book fans, welcome again to our weekly review of number one issues of comics, THIS JUST IN! I am your reviewer once again, Adam, and this week we are jumping into a new title in the DC line up, Telos!

 Not gonna bother disguising it, but I had absolutely no idea who Telos was going into this one, and damned if I am not a fan now. Telos is a god among men, who seems to have been created by Brainiac, and in the start of this issue, he is definitely not impressed with that fact.

The comic starts with Brainiac, most of his power drained, being attacked by an overly aggressive Talos, who is mad about Brainiac being responsible for the death of his family (or so we think), but as usual, Brainiac is able to talk his way out of a quick death.

Telos is a powerful man, and honestly I am surprised I have never heard of him, or read any of his comics before, but hot damn, anyone who can disarm brainiac in less than five pages is a damn strong character in my books.

Throughout the book, we learn a lot about Telos and the powers he wields. It looks like he basically controls matter, which is insane, and uses it to constantly change/modify his own body and powers. He destroys hundreds of artificial intelligence robots in minutes, and single handedly destroys brainiacs entire horde of machinery.


The writing in this issue is quite impactful, and I really enjoyed the overall story. The feel for what seems to be a one dimensional character is surprising, but it does seem like they are really building up to something amazing and important. I do not feel like there was a lost of writing that was wasted in the issue, knowing that everything they did was important. Also the trust / lack thereof between the main character and the man villain, is written in an extremely honest and captivating way. Mainly though, I love that Talos comes off as robotic, and cold.

The artwork, I mean it is DC comics after all, so of course it is up to their standards. I was quite a fan of the colours used in this issue, very light and dark at the same time, but mainly the consistency. I found that the characters always looked like themselves, even in the action shots, and also noted that the design for Talos is crazy good. He comes off as a real hero from the DC universe, and not just some lower class one. I am extremely excited to see the development of this one.

The story is good, the art is good, and overall the entire plot is solid. I am looking forward to watching the evolution of this one, and hope you are too. Remember though, if you need help deciding, or picking up your copy, stop in at the local Comic Hunter, and the boys/girls there will give you some help.

Tune in next time readers, when we review another comic first!

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