REMI – 8
This was the first manga that we’ve done at The Comic Hunter book club, and we really wanted to make sure Georgio was here for it.
Remi really liked the story, and had read it before so he had to re-read just the first volume to be fair in the review. Could not judge the work on only the one volume because he knew so much about what was to come.
The art in this does tell a story, but it is not the main reason to read the book. Unlike most comic books, the story is the catch in this one, with the art being a carrying factor.
There is an amazing amount of introduction to characters, all which are unique in look and attitude, and nothing is wasted in doing this. Readers should go into this volume knowing that this is a nine volume series, so it does start out slow by developing a lot of the story.
It is definately a very Crime Noire style story for sure.

KEENAN – 7.5
The book was very easy to get into, and a really quick read. He does wish he read more of the story to understand a bit more the drive of the characters. Feels it would really open his eyes as to the why behind the how.
The art is decent for a Manga, as everyone was just different enough to make a bid notice.
There was very good character development all through out the story, which really made a difference with his review.
The main negative was how predictable the story was. There was not much guess work, and honestly, it almost felt a bit too easy to explore for a crime type story.

The book had a decent intro for Nicole, but she really never got into the story. She is an avid Manga reader, and just felt that this story really fell short.
Looks forward to attending a few more amazing book club sessions!

JEFF – 8
“I’ll give this an 8 even though I wouldn’t reccomend the book to anyone.” (What we all heard, and Jeff did not exactly say).
Jeff’s girlfriend is a Manga reader, and has wanted Jeff to try them out for awhile. So she was excited to see what he would think. Jeff found the characters very relatable, with the Doctor being such a moral compass in the world of medicine. This made his journey that much more impacting, as he had to decide to take a life, not just save them.
He liked how the character took a lot of shit for taking the moral high ground, from the Director, his own Fiancee, and most of the hospital. It is extremely consistant in the character development, and character design as well.
He did not like/understand why they would have two color portions inside the book, but the overall book was in Black and White, but understood why they had chosen to once Gergio had explained it to us all.
The last chapter really tied together the duality of the character. He helped someone else in their life, and in turn had their help when he needed it most. It showed that he is still the same man he was, and the world knows it, except for the detective.

JOSH – 7
“He’s still 1000 times more effective than Batman, at least he bought a gun. Not sure if he’ll use it, but he is trying.” This quote really hits the point of the Doctor not being sure of himself, but blaming himself for what has become.
Josh really felt he had no interest in continuing the story. First half of the story was fantastic, really drove home a powerful opening with good character development. Josh really felt it fell apart at the end, as it started to trail off with little explanation as to why things where happening.

MATT – 7
Matt is a first time Manga reader as well, other than a Wolverine one shot, which read as a North American formatted comic, so he won’t count that one. It was such a fun story (his words) but as mentioned, if you’re not having fun, why are you reading the story.
He liked the the overall story, but did not love it. The art felt very generic, and while every character was unique, the overall artwork was just alright for him. He just felt that he could have cared no less about the art, but wanted to keep reading future volumes to see how the story progresses.
Matt would reccomend this to all readers, at least give it a chance. You may be surprised!


“This was a very paint by numbers version of a crime noire genre. Very cliche.”
Andrew felt the complete opposite as most of the group, stating the art was always important, but he wanted to see a more classic Manga style. Explosive, make it eye catching. That being said he felt the art was solid, and everything was drawn well. It does not distract you, or take away from the story in anyway.
Andrew feels the entire opening, leading up to the child being saved, was unnescessary. Also the building of his relationship with Eva was very redundant. They tended to repeat everything throughout the story multiple times, in multiple ways, so it took away from the flow of the story.
The end really felt like a bunch of small pieces to a puzzle being tossed into one large pile. Everything felt unfinished, and a bit confusing in itself. Would not read another issue, unless it was given to him.

“The book is meant to be predictable, but is not trying to hide this fact. It is not just the twists you see coming, but the ones you don’t.”
Georgio is a huge Anime and Manga viewer, and while there is a huge amount of tropes in that style of comic, this one was one of the first that comes to mind.
A big jump (10 years) in the middle of the story, was not really heard of before Monster did it (that our group could think of off hand), and also all of the other small tidbits it uses, it really created its own path in the industry.
The art is really clean, describable, and incredibly recognizable, which is exactly what it should be for this type of story as well. It did not take away from itself, and made the reader want to see more.
Amazing detail in such little things, that may seem unimportant, but will come back in future volumes. Be prepared to pay attention and learn a lot about the future.

Also Chris’ first Manga, and he really enjoyed it. He did not check out the synopsis as he wanted to go in not knowing what was coming. While he did find small parts a bit predictable, the overall feel was still a bit surprising.
Chris did find the opening a little bit slow, and it took a lot of building up, but once the ten year jump hit, he was sold. Could not put the book down at that point.
Chris is planning on continuing the series, to see where the story goes, as it left him a really good feeling.

ADAM – 7.5
Everything I felt has been said, but I did go in planning on giving this book a 5-6. After hearing some of the explanations, and the fact that a lot is explained as it goes on, I had to raise my score. This is a good read, if you like books that will make you think a little, and try and understand a lot.

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