A Roll of The Dice – Run, Fight, or Die


Hey there game fans, welcome to another edition of A Roll of The Dice reviews, with your resident game fan, Adam! This week we will be going over a game that I picked up not that long ago at our friendly neighbourhood Comic Hunter, with recommendations from a few online friends. Honestly, I had never even heard of this game, and had no interest in it until I noticed it was getting decent ratings, at that point I figured “what the hell, let’s rock this!” and grabbed my copy.

This game had slightly been on my list a couple of times I passed by it while at The Comic Hunter, but I had never really stopped and taken the time to see what it was about. In an industry that is just over saturated with zombie and horror themed games, I really was not looking for another one. I was ready to just write it off until I went in one day, actually took time to look at the game, and the box, and noticed a few key details.

What interested me the most about this game is that it was ranked as a one to four person game, which is amazing as sometimes when you’re bored, a one person game can be all sorts of fun. I had not really played many one person games, and wanted to see how this one translated, and man I was sorely disappointed. Let’s get into that in a bit, for now let us see what the game itself is all about.


You are a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, and you are trying to see how long you will survive. This comes in the form of waves upon waves of zombies attacking you until you can’t breathe beneath the bodies of the undead. Along the way you gain locations, you gain items to help you fight, and you also gain companions that can severely help or hinder your game.

The game is a highly luck based game, with a small mix of strategy involved. It uses dice to play, along with a strong card base as well. There are small character based boards for each player, but I would in no way classify this as a board game.

The dice are used to do a few different things. They can hit melee with a bat, ranged with a gun, give you items, locations, or companions, but can also give you more zombies at the end of your turn. It sounds simple enough, until you have fifteen zombies punching down your door, trying to eat every part of that pretty little face of yours.

Each card has three levels, and every turn the zombie move forward one level. This gives you a total of three turns to kill a horde, but keeping in mind that as you kill them, more are spawning every turn as well on the farthest level from you. So you will never be rid of them.

The game mode my group played was never ending. Essentially we played that we only finished once the other three people where dead, so the fourth survived the longest. Needless to say, it went faster than expected, and we almost regretted doing that mode. There is an awful lot you can do to cutthroat your friends in this game, so many things!




The game box is nice, neat, and very clean in the artwork and size category. The cards are a thick stock, and so are the player sheets. Everything is quite durable for the type of game it is.

The characters are great, but the companions are a riot. You will have a blast looking at each of them, and smiling at the sheer numbness of their design. Honestly, kudos to their creative team.

The dice are mildly cool, as they are a bit unique, and the rules are fairly easy to understand, which gives another decent bonus on it.


The box is far too large for the contents, and honestly just feels like it takes up a lot of unneeded space in your collection.

The zombie minis are not at all unique, and look almost identical to the ones in Zombie Dice. They are very cheap plastic, but it is sort of expected with a game with a low price point.




The fact you can play as a solo person is a really good edition, as there is not a lot of good one player games on the market.

The co-operative modes, but mixed in with the cutthroat modes, are really refreshing to have. It is good to have both, so no matter the mood, you can play one.

I have to say again, the rules are quite unique, and with such a vast mixture of styles (Mini’s, Dice, Cards, etc) you really get what you pay for in the game.


It gets quite repetitive after a few plays, and may not be a staple for every week gaming.

You will always have the one friend who ends up out quick, complaining about the fact they can’t play anymore.




Cutting your friends throats and watching them bleed out in front of a horde of zombies, while you are running in the opposite direction is one of the most entertaining things you can do on a Saturday night.

With such a vast mixture of modes, cards, and possible dice rolls, this game is almost guaranteed to be completely different every time.


The game starts to feel like the same thing after a few play throughs. Also the zombie game genre is a bit flooded right now, with so many amazing zombie games, this one feels just “good”.


Well, there you have it folks, this is my idea of a decent game for some time wasting between your other amazing games. You will have fun, and you will enjoy the actual game play of this one, but you need to have people to play with. If you’re ever looking though, feel free to stop by The Comic Hunter on one of their famous board game nights, so you can jump on in.

Hope to see you there sometime, and in the meantime, I hope you trust The Comic Hunter for all of your board gaming needs. Until next time, may all of your luck change with A Roll of The Dice!

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