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Hey there comic fans, welcome to another review of your comic firsts, from your first choice comic first! (honestly, I had to read that several times…) This week we are taking a jump into a completely out of the box, whacky ass adventure, I Hate Fairyland. With writing and artwork by Skottie Young, this is one giant acid trip full of mayhem and trouble. Honestly, it is the perfect comic for me to want to sink my teeth into.

Our story is based on the life of Gertrude, a young girl who is sucked into a large mythical land of fairy tales. While this sounds like every girls dream, she kind of gets her ass kicked on the landing, leaving a terrible impression on this little girls heart. She is told to get back to her own life, it will involve her needing to complete an adventure which should take “two shakes of a Bogglezig” or one day as we say.


The next page, we jump ahead to twenty seven years into the future, and BAM she is still stuck on the same God forsaken quest, with her trusty companion Larrigon Wentsworth the Third, a fly that accompanies her on her journeys.

I will use the term journeys loosely, as I feel the term drug induced rampages is a lot more of a suitable term. She will kill, eat, or hurt anything that even slightly irritates her, which while amusing, is getting her into an amazing amount of trouble.

For instance, she blows up the moon. Yep, that moon. Oh and of course, while she was at it she had to murder the hundreds of witnesses (stars) which were butched with a giant machine gun cannon shooter. I honestly wish I was joking about any of this. You know what, on second though, I am damn well happy I’m not!

The writing in this comic is simply fantastic. It is completely over the top, and amazingly well rounded for a comic that is as random as this one is. The story created from a mixture of reality and fantasy, meets somewhere in the psychotic middle, and I absolutely enjoyed every second of the story along the way.


The artwork, honestly I can not be upset at all with. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, making us want to keep going. It is extremely cartoon oriented, and has shades of the powerpuff girls meets Archer. Honestly, I loved the entire package, and I am a huge fan now. I will be guaranteed to buy into this for the long haul.

If you want a comic that is fun, fancy, and extremely over the top crazy, then you want this one. If you want something you can read with your thirteen year old, you really need to keep looking. This is not the right story for you.

Stop by your local Comic Hunter to grab the first issue of I Hate Fairyland, and jump on board a train going to everywhere all at once.

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