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Welcome to another comic review, with your trusted comic guru, Adam. This week I want to focus on one of the big ones, in a new style of story Batman : Europa.

Now we all know Batman, and we’ve all read stories, watched movies, argued over who the best Batman is, the best Joker, and all the other supporting cast involved. I can tell you that this interpretation is one that is original, and completely amazing. We get a story that really shows the lengths that Joker and Batman will go for survival.

Europa starts with an amazing fight between Batman and Joker, even though we quickly find out that they are battling in the future of the comic. Within a couple of pages of blood, punches, and two men looking completely ravaged, we then jump into Batman fighting Killer Croc, which is not that unusual. What comes off unusual is his inability to take down Killer Croc. He seems weak, feels sick, and has a tough time doing the things he has always done in the past.


Jump forward a small bit and we find out that the code of the day is Colossus. This is the name of the virus that Batman is infected with, which he believes Joker infected him with. I will not go too much further into detail in this one, but it is definitely an amazing ride from opening line, to finish. If you are a fan of Batman, Joker, or the always complicated line they both refuse to cross, you want to read this comic, and get involved in the story.

The writing in this story is clean, compelling, and amazingly up to date. This is the modern day Batman, in a world where Batman is constantly being changed. We have seen many Batman stories, all of which have their own faults and key components. This one is starting off with a bang. I can not really come up with a reason not to read it, so just accept that Batman is law!


The artwork is, of course, amazing on this one. As with almost all of DC’s books, we get exactly what we are used to in a Batman story, amazingly gritty, and detailed art work. We get to see the Bat come alive on paper, and a sadistically amazing Joker, which has a lot of shades of our beloved Mark Hamill.

Overall, this comic is one that I feel will go down in the annals of Batman history. It is the complete package, coming in out of nowhere, with a unique story. Honestly, it is exactly what I have personally been looking for with all of the Batman stories in the past. It is a story that can branch on its own, in a much needed unique way.

If interested, stop by The Comic Hunter (either location) and ask about it. I am sure one of the amazing people there will be willing to help you out. Until next time, enjoy the page flipping!

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