THIS JUST IN! – Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book – DC Comics


Hey there long time readers, or new time joiners! My name is Adam, and I will be your assistant in our introduction to comics. This is THIS JUST IN, where we review number one issues of comics from the past few years, to help you make the decision on which series may be beneficial to jump into.

This week, we are hopping into a DC comic, Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book. Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner, with artwork by Amanda Conner & John Timms. The creative team behind this work is just stacked. They also had multiple letterers, colourists, cover artists, and creators, so this title was lined up to be an amazing jump into a hugely popular character.

We start off with Gang a’ Harleys busting up a toxic dumping racket, only to find out that the big baddy from London who is ordering the chemicals, intends on using them to knock out Wonder Woman. Now in almost every case, a Villain would not have such a problem with a Hero getting hurt, but Harley seems to have changed her ways a bit. Well that and she has a massive collection of Wonder Woman paraphernalia. She is a closet fan of the Amazon Princess (literally), and looked up to her as a little kid. We actually get a nice flashback of Harley pretending to be Wonder Woman, and almost hanging a kid in the process.


The writing in this issue is really refreshing. I was very happy to get to see Harley in a new light, as we always see her as more of a number two to The Joker. In this series she is really the number one, and works well with the side characters they have given her. Eggy (Her egg shelled braniac of a partner), Brooklyn Harley (an African American Harley lookalike/actalike), and the rest of the Harley gang. She is now getting a chance to feel in charge, and to choose how she wants to make a difference.

The artwork however is almost perfect. It is clearly well above the regular standard for comics, and some pages you would actually forget it was a comic you were reading and not watching this on television. The colours are spot on, and the tone of the art makes the book itself all that more dramatic.


Overall I know Harley is getting a bit over played right now in the industry, what with Suicide Squad coming up, and every little boy and girl wanting to read, watch, and play as the Crown Prince of Crime’s love interest, but hot damn she proves she can be a caring badass in this one.

I am very interested to see how this idea progresses, and if they will focus each issue on another relationship of Harley’s (IE Catwoman, Batgirl, and other Villain or Heroes) or if it will more focus on the struggle Harley has with her new image. I mean clearly she is still bat shit crazy with a side of cyanide, but damn it if you can’t help but root for her.

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