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Honestly I am not even going to welcome you to this edition of THIS JUST IN!, I am just going to tell you to strap on your big boy pants, and hang on for the ride. When I first picked up Head Lopper I really wasn’t expecting a lot. I figured it would be a fun and innocent run through a field of decapitated bodies, all drying up their blood in the sun. I mean, come on, this book is titled HEAD LOPPER, what else are you thinking?

Written by Andrew Maclean, with the artwork also by Andrew Maclean, I was very worried with the art since the cover was not overly amazingly eye catching, but the style was interesting enough to try it out. I have never in my life regretted a decision about comics, and this is not one of those times.


The artwork almost scared me off, but upon opening the book, I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the vibrant colour and art used throughout. The writing was amazingly well done, even though there is not a lot of it. This is one of the first times in a comic that really the art drives the story, as opposed to the story being the driving factor.

Our story revolves around Head Lopper, also known as Norgal, is a mercenary for hire who (pretty self explanatory) lops off heads. He also carries the decapitated head of The Blue Witch in a bag he carries with him. Did I mention she talks, taunts him, and acts like a complete back of dicks the whole time? Oh yeah, there is that.

As the story progresses, we get a large introduction to a world that is much like the old Viking tales, with mythical beasts, and men fighting men for a piece of the afterlife. The action is incredible and the overall concept is fairly impressive, especially for a comic that has a cover that looks like a kindergartner designed it. A huge reason that we should never judge a book by its cover.


Now, I do want to be slightly critical for a moment, as I promised always to be honest with you all. This comic has a good story, the artwork is good for what it is meant to be, but honestly the lack of character development is completely bothersome. I don’t feel that we really get to know much about any of the main characters in this story, other than that they are the main characters.

I am hoping that as the story goes on we will get a chance to learn about this world, and learn about all of the people that are contained inside of it. Either way, I am not one hundred percent that I will be continuing this story, but you should make this decision on your own.

Come on down to your local Comic Hunter and grab a copy, and while you’re at it, talk to the men in charge about any other comic related questions you may have.

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