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Hey there game fans, welcome to another edition of A Roll of the Dice reviews, with your (hopefully) trusted game guru Adam. This time we are jumping into a game that has a large mixture of different game styles, and game types, Cash N’ Guns.

This week we are jumping into the wild and whacky world of mafia bosses, guns, and grand theft. I mean, come on, it is basically grand theft auto without the hookers and blow (Not included in either regular game or deluxe edition). Cash N’ Guns is exactly what it sounds like it should be. You use your guns to try and finish the game with the most cash. You do this in a few different ways, all of which will be gone over throughout this review. The most fun way, is to murder all of your competition (which we will also go over).

The game is a fairly simple concept, and in a group of five of us, there was all of five minutes of explanation needed for us to get the concept. There is a lot of strategy you can add based on having played it before, and also knowing which focus you will have. Will it be straight up cash? Will you be a diamond man? Do paintings really liven up your pocket book? Who knows, no one but you can decide how this game will go.


I will be going over the rules, and everything I explain will be based on the basic game. There are expansions at this point, but I really want to introduce you to the simple game, and from there you can add the additional rules as you see fit.

To start, each player chooses a character. There are different options available, such as the asian female ninja, the sketchy hacker, and the actual mafioso looking man. All in all the characters are fun, and even though they really add nothing to the gameplay itself, they still add to the overall feel of the game, as most people try to play as their characters might.

Each player is then given a gun (it is a foam gun, used for purposes that will be explained soon, and not a real gun) from the pile, and told to guard it with their lives. Next, the deck of cards is divided up so that each “round” will contain eight cards to choose from (also to be explained later). Each character is given a total of three BANG cards to go with their five Click cards. Bang means that you are shooting, and click means that you are firing a blank. Finally the first player is given the godfathers table, which will be making its rounds throughout the game.

Now to go a bit deeper. Each turn starts with each player choosing whether to shoot a bullet or shoot a blank. The mafia boss giving us a countdown, and every player taking their gun and aiming the gun at another player on the count. This is who you are either shooting or letting off the hook. The thing is, no one knows quite yet as your choice is secret. The Godfather then uses his power to force one of the players to aim at someone else. Almost always used when they are being aimed at. Once that person chooses another target, the real game play starts.

Now, you have a gun aimed at you, we go in clockwise position, starting with the person on the right of the Godfather, and ask any player who has a gun aimed at them if they want to lay their lives down. This means no shots against you will take life away, BUT you will also miss out on any treasure. This can be costly, as the whole meaning of the game is to have the most treasure at the end of the eight rounds. As you can imagine, being forced to sit out of too many rounds can be super costly. However, if you are shot with a BANG, you are forced to sit down anyways, and if you take three BANG’s throughout the game, you are dead (out of the game).

If you choose not to stand down, than at the end of the turn any players who also did not stand down and are aiming at you, will reveal their shots. Damage is done, forcing more people to stand down, or revealing that you were bluffing. Only the remaining players in the round get treasure. The Godfather chooses first, and continues clockwise. You keep drawing treasure until all of the treasure is taken. There is eight pieces of treasure AND the Godfathers table, so if you man age to convince a few people to drop, you can end up with a lot of beneficial cash.

The treasures are : Cash, Diamonds, Paintings, and Items. The items can refresh bullets, or even heal life. The paintings will build in worth as you collect more of them. If you collect the most diamonds, you get a sixty thousand dollar bonus at the end, and finally there is cash. Ranging from five thousand to twenty thousand, you pretty much know what these will do for you, not much needed.





The game itself has one of the more original designs of any game I’ve played. It has a mixture of so many different pieces, such as the guns, the characters, and the random card placement, that it feels like a complete game.

The box is decently simple, and easy enough to catch an eye in the stores.

The guns alone make this game worth owning. No other game I’ve ever purchased comes with foam murdering weapons.


The guns are a bit flimsy, so they probably do not have a lot of lasting power, but it also means easy storage since they can fold if needed.

Without adding the expansions the game can get slightly repetitive. You’d still get two or three plays in a row before that happened, and you’d have no issues picking it up again on your next board game day just based on the fun factor. The expansions add abilities to your actual characters, some of which are a bit over powered.



The game is slightly different every time, not just because of the card mixtures, or the fact that the treasures are always random, but the main game play feature is the fact that the players dictate how different each game is. Who are you targeting, you do you want to work with, who do you want dead? It honestly comes down to the players themselves how much replay is in this game.

This is not a game that is hard to understand or too play, so you are good to go at a fairly quick pace without fear for the new players at the table.

You will quickly run into players who love this game so much that it will be asked to be played at every game day (at least eighty percent of them) so you’d best be prepared for an amazingly good time for that to happen.


I already mentioned it in the previous comments, so I will not spend a lot of time repeating it. If you have a good group (they will either enjoy this game immensely, and change tactics every time) or a bad group (they complain if it is not munchkin, and look for ways to sabotage the game.



This is, by far, one of the easiest games to get into, and one of the better games I have ever played. I loved every minute of this, even when it was me getting murdered. I was betrayed, had alliances, I betrayed others, and still had an absolutely amazing time. Nothing made this game not work for me.

The others in my group loved the game, and quickly made sure to add it to our weekly list. We had to make sure that we will always see this game coming out, even if only for one game.


I really couldn’t come up with any, and believe me, I tried.



Honestly, there are few games that I really feel like work for the super basic game player all the way to the master game guru’s of the world, as you will find things to enjoy about this game no matter your level of skill. You will enjoy the excitement, you will enjoy the over all game play, and finally, you will enjoy the company. Until they kill you…


Next time I want to try and find another new game to review. If you have any ideas than please, message me to let me know what I should be playing. Always on the look out for new and exciting games.

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