RANTS AND RAVES on Comic Book Trades – Star Wars : Skywalker Strikes


REMI – 7

I thought this was a pretty safe way for Marvel/Disney to introduce their new Star Wars universe to fans. It does nothing extraordinary, but it’s a fun story with lots of winks and nods to the original movies. Some of the these run a bit heavy handed, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story.

Jason Aaron is a great writer, and a current favourite in both pacing and dialogue, and he really nailed everyone here. I could hear each of their voices in my head when I read it and it worked. Again, a bit heavy handed on making references to what came in the original trilogy, but that was fine.

John Cassaday is someone that I’ve really enjoyed on many different books, including the amazing Planetary, and the “upcoming for book club” Astonishing X-Men, and it worked super well for Planetary and mostly well for X-Men… but I did find the art to be sort of lacking. I don’t know if it’s the muted colours of a Imperial weapons manufacturing base/planet (or a poor job on the colourists for making it pop out a bit more), but I found myself thoroughly unimpressed with the art.

I generally can ignore “middle of the road” art, and this sort of fell in there… but it was maybe a bit more noticeable because it was an artist that I generally enjoy.

I’m going to see the new movie tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited. My excitement for the Star Wars universe is certainly at its highest since the late 90s when they were shot down after Episode 1, and I have in no small part Marvel/Disney to thank for that. I’ll be reading more from this, and the other Star Wars related titles, and I do feel that this was a “good enough” story to get fans on board with it, although I don’t think it’ll create new fans of the Star Wars Universe.

As a retailer, I’m happy to see more people buying the books, although again, I don’t feel like anyone is new to Star wars, although some are new to the comics.

So… 7.0/10. A solid read but not groundbreaking read, lots of fun for fans, uninspired art.

(Remi was unable to attend this month, but always wants us to know how he felt about the book we are doing, so his review was sent in. We appreciate the fact that he cares enough to keep in touch, even when unable to attend.)

JEFF – 7.5
Reading it, it is a story. It’s a good story, but it is the first time he has read this story, and had been reading the Darth Vader storyline until now. Scenes where he takes down the AT-AT by himself, and seeing Boba Fett taking down a six armed man to get info, the villains were built on quite well. It is a good filler story.
The fact Vader’s mask keeps jumping back and forth, the art is not consistent. The writing was what it needed to be, but the Darth Vader comic did a better job at it.

Going into this book, he knew he was not the biggest Star Wars fan. Would he pick up this comic and read it, probably not as he is not a huge fan. It is filler and fluff, but nice to see them on the page to read. It is a cash grab, but this is known, they add it to make the money to keep people reading and buying their books.
There wasn’t any gore, but the action was fine. The art was basically the same as planetary. Some were coll but most of them are terrible.
How did the security guard get a whip lightsaber?

MATT – 8
Really enjoyed it, the book takes place just after a new hope. They are going after a munitions factory. Not much character development, not close to empire, just a side story to explore more of the universe. The story was fun, the art was great as well. A big fan of the artist, and his previous work. Read it in about an hour, and it is a short read.

Quick read, but enough happens in the story to keep it interesting. The main thing is that we know no one is in real jeopardy, as we know they are in the movies. It is an interesting side story, and does not reveal a lot of the story. Han and Leia almost reveal their love before the movies, when it impacts the most.
Favorite part is the Boba Fett part near the end, it was very gritty and dirty. He also enjoyed the fact that the other bounty hunter is Han Solo’s wife, and introducing her.
All of the little details included. Such as the lightsaber. Loved the final scene, and Darth realizes who the boy it. Cassaday is one of his favorite artists, and it really shows with this work.

Quick read, favorite part was Boba Fett not dying right away. The art was really good, and carried the story quite a bit.


ANDREW – 7.5
Andrew went in super biased, based on anything that is trying to fill in a story that is not connected to the main story. EXAMPLES – Game that came out called force unleashed. This character may or may not be a clone of Darth Vader – One scene shows him bringing a star destroyer down with the force, which now makes him more impressive than any other force user. It takes away from the current cannon of what we know and have learned. Well fabricated story, but now you start to get things about Han and Leia, or Yoda and Chewie which now makes everything else not work as well. By tying everything else into one giant ball of connections, it just makes us lose the impression based on the current tie ins.
He did enjoy the Star Wars story overall. Art was solid, but Han, Luke, and Leia were a bit rushed to look like Hamill, Ford, and Carrie’s faces.

DOUG – 9
Went into thinking he would hate it. Couldn’t put it down, but partly because it is short and light. The pacing is good, and the characterization as well. Did no feel forced, it felt like the regular dialogue they had in episode four. He could hear Hamill’s voice in the back of his head. He looked at it as lots of fun. Knowing that he was feeling the characters while he read the story.
For a few moments he thought this had great art, and then some panels were just terrible, so it read as decent.

Everyone else kind of nailed it, so he wanted to only say one thing. To Chris, the main thing was it felt like it was Star Wars. Had him won over from the start of the story, as it felt like it belonged.

Adventures of the pouty whiny twins, knowing that a relationship is supposed to develop, yet she rides his ass about helping all the time. Luke rescuing the slaves, it is like Noah’s ark, he is rescuing two of every kind (unoriginal in the alien designs).

ADAM – 8
I absolutely loved it, I feel it fell a little short of the movies, but it did a good job of introducing the world to new fans. The art was awesome, and other than a few key things, it was clean to read. I loved the story itself.

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