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Welcome to another edition of THIS JUST IN! comic book reviews by yours truly, Adam. This week we are jumping into a Dark Horse Comics release, from writer Brian Wood and artist Garry Brown. With this comic we get a story of the Marine Conservationist Direct Action Force “Ninth Wave” and their fight to save the environment. They are a group of ecoterrorists, who are fighting to save what little resources we have left, and it is an extremely refreshing take on this type of story.

Rimona, Max, Lars, Purge, Georg, and Mag, are the members of the ninth wave we find attacking a large conglomerate in the start of this one. While they are taking the fight straight to the offices of Bors Bergsen, an oil/power tycoon who has his hands in every kind of pie, their allies Callum and Mary are speaking to him on his private yacht. He does oil, he does weapons, and he is one of those men who thinks that he in completely untouchable.

Working as a team, the story goes on with us thinking that they are looking for something in return. Do they want cash, or are they really just the good people they seem to be? The answer really gets more and more clear as the story progresses. These people could not care less about the money, they are in this to save our future. They make sure not only to sabotage the oil facility and their pipelines, but also give samples of the oil, with other evidence they managed to procure at the offices, to every major newspaper in Germany, essentially guaranteeing that this “untouchable man” has taken a massive blow in the world market, essentially losing out on billions of dollars.


I find the writing is absolutely stellar. It is well developed, and intriguing which is what I am always looking for, but above all of that, it is also an honest representation of people. There is no over the top characters, and it is based in a semi-realistic look of how life is going for us. It honestly makes you think about these groups, and how far they may be willing to go.

The artwork is exactly what I needed from this type of comic book. The right mixture of grit, but clean lines I would want for sure. For a comic based on a form of terrorism, it is the right kind of dirty. The line work and characters are very consistent, and the filler art works in each and every panel. There was not one panel that felt out of place, which is unusual for any comic, as there is usually a few  panels that stick out like a sore thumb as they just do not fit the style. There was none of that in this issue.

Overall I am actually excited to see where this story goes, and am hoping that they continue to get more intriguing as they go on. Either way, I am in this one for the long haul.

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