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Alright comic fans, welcome to another edition of THIS JUST IN! comic reviews, with your advice giver, Adam! This week I have decided to read one of my first Vertigo comics, just to try one of the other companies out there. Honestly, based on the cover and title alone, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was just hoping it wasn’t a straight romance comic. Right off the bat, it gave us more than that, so I was excited to jump in after all.

The comic starts with one of our main characters writing about her love for reading, and blogging about her life. She seems to be the average young inspiring writer, with a hint of daddy issues (this coming from the SUPER eye hurting double page spread of writing back and forth to her father who seems to be in prison). Honestly, I was three pages in and started to get a headache, it was just such an odd design for a page set-up, all crooked, and the writing going along the crooked lines with it. Essentially tilt the book almost 45 degrees just to read it normally.

Now, the rest of the book follows our main character Lexy, who is a computer programmer for a dating site New Romancer (see how this works?), and in doing so she is also developing the entire personality for some of histories greatest people, Lord Byron, and Casanova, just to name a couple, which in turn goes horribly wrong when a solar flare explosion causes her computer to input the “souls” of these long dead people into shells created by the evil corporation of the series.

The art and writing was pretty on point, and while there is a decent amount of action and intrigue, the overall feel was one of a not allowed love, which I am fairly certain is not only highly illegal (age, and the fact they are creations) but also highly dangerous (you’ll understand if you read it, and see how Casanova really is).

The writing really portrayed the old style feeling of the characters, and with Byron arriving in modern day times, to a woman who claims to have made him, his first question is how a woman could have done this. Not where he was, or how, just how a woman.

The art work is amazing, and honestly it is refreshingly needed. This style of comic can go south quick without the right art to go along with it, and in my opinion this type of art fits exactly. It can come off as sexy, but also as almost psychopathically sexy.

Honestly, I will be following this comic for now, but really need to see more to get into it for the long haul. I know that they are capable of it, as I have seen glimpses of it, but I need more. The issue is by no means boring, but it does not have the explosiveness I have come to expect recently. I guess only time will tell!

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