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Seriously, welcome back to what I may consider my favorite edition of THIS JUST IN! that I have ever done. I will be your comic guru, Adam, and this week we will be jumping all over Spider-man / Deadpool, which is two of my top five favorite superheroes, teaming up again! Spider Man, is the mild mannered jokester, with a sassy attitude, Peter Parker, and Deadpool is the all out crazy, sociopathic, Wade Wilson. Together they are a duo that does not work well together at all, but in terms of comic joy, it is absolutely perfect.

Joe Kelly did an absolutely amazing job on the script of this story, as he really made you fall in love with both of these seasoned characters all over again. He drops Deadpool’s first junk joke not even four pages into this one, which let’s us know right off the bat what type of story this is going to be. From there he really developed the love / hate relationship between the characters, with Deadpool hiring evil doers to attack them to earn Spider Man’s trust, and Spider Man wanting ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Deadpool. I mean, come on, the guy comes off completely crazy with his commentary breaking the fourth wall, and his ability to make even the most innocent of situations into a sexual innuendo.

Ed McGuiness was absolutely perfect with the artwork. I honestly could not find a negative. The art style was a classic representation of two characters we have come to love over the years. Characters who have been recreated so many times, but always fall back to the same basic designs. Above everything else, the art was consistent. Too many times have I fell out of love with a series JUST because the artwork is all over the place. It bothers me even more than a continuity issue in a comic.

Overall I would say this series is starting off as a home run. Everything combined really fits, and with the new Deadpool movie, and a new Spider Man soon to be introduced, they timed this release perfectly. Marketing genius I tell you, genius! They knew what was going to work, and why they were able to get away with another reboot at this time. People are really dying to see quite a few series get redone, so when it actually works, it makes the wait oh so much more worth our time.

If you are a fan of Spider Man or Deadpool, or even have read some of their other combined works, then this is definitely a comic for you to get into. I know I will be following this series for the next while at least, and let me know your thoughts if you decide to do the same. Stop on by The Comic Hunter to order yours, and make sure you do not fall too far behind.

Until next time, enjoy the other reviews, and make sure to tune into THIS JUST IN! podcast which is through TPCnetwork (Sponsored by The Comic Hunter as well).

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