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Jeff – 9.5
Likes the writer and artist, with Ellis he finds because of his style, you can either love it or hate it. This was a hit. First thing that popped in his head was like he was reading Douglas Adams, and goes so offbeat.
Loves the primer in the beginning, as this was a little before Marvel did the recap pages. The dialogue was good, the villains entertaining. Overall it was really good, as they even argue over spelling mistakes. First time he had seen a few of the characters, but he can not give it quite a ten.
The humor is worth it but he can see where someone does not like that style of humor, but he is a fa of the style.

Michel – 8.5
The story is a bit bare, but the jokes and the humor makes the book what it is. He really enjoyed it as a parody. All of the Dirk Anger descent into madness was really enjoyable. His a bag of baby chickens put into a blender. He likes how Ellis makes fun of Captain Marvel running the avengers, and Tabitha being apart of the Xforce.
They are all the rejects of superheroes, but they work together well as a team. It is a satire of a superhero story, which really makes it an enjoyable read.

Adam – 9.5

Mathieu – 9
Has to say, as a comic geek had not read it before. Read it today, and for a 12 issue series, it is a pretty fast read. The jokes are ridiculous, but the comic is absolutely great.
Monica bossing around machine man, and asking about him not already doing her laundry, really shows the sexist undertones of the comic.
Machine Man is a great hero, thoroughly enjoyed the comic. He loved Stuart Immonen’s work, and him as a person.
Baby Modok comes in with The Devil Dinosaur at the end, who is the leader of all of the villains.

Remi – 9.5
Book jumps right into the action, the superheroes are trying to go against their former bosses. We have Fing Fang Foom in shorts, Transformer cop, among a lot of other amazing villains.
Warren Ellis is essentially saying a big fuck you to everything marvel, and superhero books in general. It is absolutely glorious, and absolutely perfect.
It is funny, and keeps you laughing about the story, the constant jokes, and the oddball situations they are always in.

Chris – 9
Not much to say, that has not already been said. The giant phone on his head, when he needed one. Loved the book the whole way through, everything just made him happy. His beer depleted robot brain gives it.

Andrew – 6
Did not like the book, it is not like it hurt his soul to read it, but he felt they missed the mark about what they wanted to do.
Immonen’s art is fantastic, everything is clear, crisp, the action is great, and you never question who the character is. It flows really well, and even in the splash pages he captures the essence of what should be happening.
Ellis is one of his favorite authors, and he has loved most of his works, but it is treading the line of 13 year old humor and adult humor. He did not find it all that funny, he found it was mediocre at best.
From taking a huge dump on Fing Fang Foom, and Elsa’s background as well. There was no consistency in the swearing, as everything had 4 skulls, and sometimes came off as randomly placed. The book never seems to start or wrap up anywhere, other than the very end of the story. Trying to pick up the pieces from the start just never solidified into a solid story showing what story they really wanted to go for.

Keenan – 7.5
Compares it to the what the series from Cracked Magazine. He felt it may be a serious book, but after the first few pages, he understood it was more of a comedy. He read almost the entire book, had to stop as he was not in the right mood to read it. He liked the pacing, the characters, and the story overall.

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