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Welcome back comic fans, to another rousing edition of THIS JUST IN! comic reviews, brought to you by The Comic Hunter, and me, Fat Adam! This week we are taking a giant leap into The Precinct from Dynamite. Written by Frank Barberie, and artist Crizam Zamora, two creators who came together to produce a really decent read. It revolves around a majorly steampunk world, where The Precinct is created to keep peace in the world, and keep the public from seeing what is really happening in the background.

Our story follows Mortimer Hill, a detective who seems to be very good at his job. He is investigating a recent murder, which was a gruesomely devastating blow to keeping things quiet. We see that it seemed to be some sort of demon looking freaky character who did it, but he/she was completely cloaked in shadow, preventing us from knowing much.

In comes Josephine Winters, a member of the Alchemy Academy, sent to The Precinct to help with the investigation. She is a fast paced, quickly to irritate, member of the most powerful quorum in the world (so it seems so far in).

The two of them have a classic relationship as with most partnership comics. They do not get along, and they make it fairly obvious, with their banter back and forth. The characters are very well developed, and I feel like I know a lot about them based on the little they let us into their world in issue one, and honestly I can not wait to see if I am right in future issues.



The writing in this comic is pretty clean, but it is also lacking a little something. I am not quite sure what it is, and while I enjoy the story itself, the writing just seems lacking. The depth of character is there, and the overall story is there, but there is a bit too much meaningless dialogue, which can be overbearing, especially on the first issue, which is the hook needed to sell future ones.

The art is fairly good, I love the grit and darkness to it. I feel it lacks consistency, as the artist seems a little nervous to make sure all of the characters remain the same throughout the comic. The art lacks the consistency I look for, but that is really the only negative. The line work, mixed with the colouring, give us the dark feel of a steam punk world that we are looking for.



As you can see by the artwork on here, and the review this week, The Precinct has good and bad qualities. It was worth the buy, and will I keep going with the series? Who knows honestly, I have to see what they decide to add to change the game up a bit. No matter what though, it is a solid idea for a comic.

Make sure to send me your thoughts as well, after you pick up your copy at The Comic Hunter in Moncton. Hope to see you there!

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