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This week I am taking my first leap into a comic series that follows a few kick ass superheroes, while flying partially under my radar. The Uncanny Inhumans follows Black Bolt, Beast, Triton, and others as they work together to try and stop the world from ending (like basically every other comic story line in history), it’s just that usually they do not need to face off against Kang The Conqueror to do so.

I won’t bother lying to you all, this is the first time I have actually read anything to do with this series, and some of the characters are not in my regular rotation, so I literally had no idea what to expect. I can say I found it a bit refreshing, but also a bit off.

The artwork in this story is classic. It had the feeling of a modern story, but with the twist of a long lost talent. The characters were fresh, revealing, and done very well. One thing that got to me, was the perfect feeling of the continuity of the characters. They were always recognizable, and you had no problem telling one from the other. The artwork was on point.


The writing was okay. I only say okay, because for most people, this story probably had what you wanted. It had intrigue, you got to see a cool side to each character, time travel, and epic villain, and so much more! To someone who is almost BRAND NEW to this story, these characters, and this villain, I felt we just got tossed into the middle of something that I could not make out. I felt lost, and I hate when a new series jumps right in with no explanation.

All in all it was still an okay read, and I know if I took the time to go and read the other back stories, ESPECIALLY Black Bolts as he seems to be the number one in this story. It did leave off on a decently exciting cliffhanger, which is always nice and captivating, but did not really make up for the story for me personally.

Overall, I give this one a decent rating, because I know my somewhat biased opinion is not really fair to base the whole thought of this issue on. I know that had I been a bit more in tune with the characters, and their overall stories, that I really would have enjoyed this story, despite the small quips. So I will say this is a story you should read. It is worth picking up, and worth taking a chance on.

Well, that and supporting anything with Beast in it. Let’s be honest here, Beast is absolutely amazing, and should be in more of everything!

Until next time, enjoy the read, love the art, and stay tuned for another review of your favorite (or possibly least favorite) comic books  from THIS JUST IN! with Fat Adam!

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