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Ladies and gentlemen, I warn you, this review is partially NSFW, and honestly with the gritty design of this thrilling comic, how could it not be. Some of the images and words you are about to see are not appropriate, so this is your warning.

The Sheriff of Babylon is a story that takes place during the 2004 until now Iraq and Iran war. It is a multi faceted story created by Writer Tom King and Artist Mitch Gerads. Combining their amazing powers, they have built a creatively unique take on something I fear not enough of us pay attention to. It is not your standard shit and shoot army story, but instead shows how life on both sides is affected.


We follow several characters throughout this issue, one an army man by the name of Christopher. He seems like a fairly normal Jarhead, but with an honestly guilty conscience, believing he was solely responsible for the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. He seems to be doing all he can to make up for this fact throughout his life.

Next is Sofia, who is a Middle Eastern born American (lived and schooled here) and so far seems to be some sort of special operative, or highly trained assassin. Either way she is a strong, vibrant, and scary as shit individual. Its been a long time since I have seen such a well developed character, who we really only see for a third of a comic.

Finally is the most emotional character Nassir, who is a man on the other side of this war. He is not a Terrorist, or at least was not one until a stray American bomb hit his old home, killing his daughters. He is holding several Americans hostage, before passing judgement for the sins of their country. It is a story of passion and forgiveness, but also a story that is believable, which makes it even more passionate.



I want to say, this is one of the better comics I have ever read. That could be for several different reasons, but the main one being the fact I love anything that has a base with real history. These are things that happened in real life, and honestly they hit a bit close to home. The story jumps between the three stories, but ends up combining all three of them by the end, showing us how they will end up working on the same case. It will be a twisted and dark message, but seems to be doing a good job making this come across.

This is already one of those captivating stories that I know I am going to want to keep reading, if no other reason than the well developed characters. I already feel like I know the three main characters, and I already feel for the decisions they feel they are forced to make.

Honestly, do not miss your chance with this comic, it is more than worth the small price you will need to pay.

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