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Welcome to a rather confusing review, as this week we will be diving into Paper Girls, by writer Brian K. Vaughan, with the amazing artistic stylings of Cliff Chiang. I jumped into this one without knowing anything about it, and I have to say the start of this one was all over the place. I mean this in a good and bad way. It starts with an astronaut with wings claiming to be welcoming our main character Erin into heaven. Okay, so she is dead, there is plenty of afterlife comics, I can roll with it.

Wait a sec, now she is talking to Satan to save her sisters soul by answering a basic history question. Okay, now I am a bit confused but I was sure they would tie it all together. They did the opposite, it was all a dream, she wakes up to find her life is not in danger, and we then find out the entire story revolves around a group of female paper girls (delivering the newspaper) and the obstacles they run into.


So the story itself is amazingly original, it is absolutely insane, and all kinds of weird. This is one for the ages for sure. While delivering the newspaper, and dealing with the boys who have been doing, and their torture of the girls as they believe delivering newspapers is only a job for the men.

What we have is a story that when they finally find the big score (in this case a giant time machine/portal to another earth) they are sucked into a reality in which we do not learn much. Only because it is happening near the end of the issue, but what we do learn is that there are a type of human with runes, apparently magic, but overall just creepy ass characters.

The writing in this one, from Brian K Vaughan, is really intense for such a simple concept of a story. The characters develop very quickly, and it is completely based on a set of strong female characters who will not take any crap from those around them. Honestly, it is something we do not see enough, and when we do it should not be surprising us. I was pumped about it, and was glad to see how it went.


The art style by Cliff Chiang was very well designed. his line work was clear, and precise. The overall layout was really well suited for this story, and there was no random pieces to the puzzle. Everything he did felt very deliberate, which added nicely to the overall feel and story in this one.

All in all it was a super weird thrill ride, which lended itself to a new story. It is original, which is hard to find in the industry. I can’t really say that I love this one, but I definitely think it is worth a read, and I will reserve my real judgement until I can read another issue or two. Until then, Stay Tuned!

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