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Welcome back to THIS JUST IN comic book reviews, with your guru of all things printed, Fat Adam. This week I ate my way through what looked to be an interesting book, The Last Contract by writer Ed Brisson, and artist Lisandro Estherren. I may catch some flack for this, but I had actually not heard (or remembered of hearing) of either of these creators, but the cover caught my attention, and I knew I wanted to try something a bit out of my comfort zone.

So I want to start by saying that I fell in love right away with the fact that they chose Canadian cities to base this comic off of. We start in British Columbia, make our way across Canada to other cities as well. It just adds the feeling of familiarity to the story already, as a lot of us have been to some of these places. Second off, the old man character quickly goes from a forgetful and polite old man, to an assassin of some sort, defending himself, but dispatching of two people who were sent to kill him with the greatest of ease and zero guilt involved. He is one crazy, bad ass grampa, and honestly I loved it.


We learn a lot about this guy, and we learn at some point he was a hired gun killing people for money, all though I feel it was also for sport. He dispatches people with brutal efficiency, but at this point in his life, he seems  content to just incapacitate people in pursuit of the man who is trying to have all of his old associates murdered for currently unknown reasons.

The writing and artwork are both really well done in this one, and honestly it gave me the feel of a Max Payne meets Bad Grampa type of feel to it, all around good vibes. I will say that there is some language and violence, which is to be expected with most Boom comics, but it does not feel like it is being overused. It feels authentic, and not just a point to drive the story.



Our “hero” starts off just eating a calm dinner at a local dive, commenting on the food, his failing age, and his overall outlook on life not being what it once was. He comes off as a totally unassuming older guy, and leaves to go let his dog out before he pees on the floor. Upon walking into his house, he quickly finds a run of the mill thug who is out to get him, as seen above he quickly finds a way to deal with that scum, all while finding out what he needs to hunt down the big bad who came after him.

At this point it is a thrill ride of lessons being learned and taught, but we know that this is just the start. There are big things brewing in the near future. For that, I am really looking at following the story on this one! I hope you will too, and grab your copy at The Comic Hunter.

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