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Welcome back to another exciting edition (at least that’s what my son says, and he can’t read!) of THIS JUST IN comic reviews with Fat Adam, your guide to the yes, no, and maybe so. This week we are touching on a comic inspired by Lone Wolf and Cub which is titled Lone Wolf 2100 : Chase The Setting Sun. With the script being written by Eric Heisserer, and the artwork being done by Miguel Sepulveda, I was intrigued straight off the bat as the cover caught my eye. A nice action shot with a little girl armed with a snowball while men around her all have guns, or are dead because of them. I had to see why, and honestly that is what I want to see on a cover, a reason to buy the comic.


The story follows a man and a little girl, we do not learn much at first except that the U.S. now has a population of about thirty million people left alive, but there are around one hundred and thirty million Thralls, which are essentially genetically modified humans, who have mutated, and are now hunting down and killing the entire population. Honestly, picture Doom, The Hunger Games, and Aliens had a baby, and this would be only slightly more messed up than that. The man we are following is Itto, and Itto has a big time secret. He is actually an Encom Droid, built specifically to kill as many Thrall as they can, while protecting the people in the process. This one does not want to kill, and does his best not to. He is spending all of his effort to protect the daughter of Dr. Ogami (who we are not aware of at this point) and trying to get her to some destination.

The story progresses to show us the government reaction to what needs to be done. Do they preserve the Thralls, hoping to someday find a cure and give them back their humanity? Or do they do their best to just wipe them all out, essentially just restarting the United States in the meantime. It comes down to survival of the species, survival of the country, or survival of our very basic human emotions. Either way, lives will be lost, and there is no coming back from either decision. It is one that a great comic may be built on.

I know this is a re-imagine of a previous story, and honestly, I am okay with that. I think the story really flows well, and the characters are really relatable. They all have unique personalities, and they develop really well along this issue. Not having read the original Manga this comic is based on, I know that I will be enjoying this entire story. I feel invested already, and I really want to see where they take Itto. What he has to do to protect life in general, being forced to take it as well.

If any of this looks/sounds interesting, stop by The Comic Hunter and grab your copy. I know there is more than one issue at this point.

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