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Welcome readers to another exciting edition of THIS JUST IN comic book reviews with your super chunky host, Fat Adam. I wanted to do another Image comics review, and honestly this cover caught my eye. It is very simplistic in design, but has a thoroughly balanced layout.

This story is written by Matt Hawkins, with the talented art stylings of Raffaele Ienco, so there is a lot of passion in the style, and it is needed for this type of story. We are touching on a futuristic style with a break in how humanity will go if we keep moving life in the direction is currently going.



The story touches on our future if we continue to rely so heavily on machines built with Artificial Intelligence, but it does so in a newer fashion then I am used to. Introducing us to a utopia style of world, where humans are created in a test tube, implanted into a woman for a natural birth, but do not choose their name or sex until they are the age of thirteen. They are housed together in a commune, where they are all trained together, taught together, and raised together to become compliant humans. All the while being policed by their robotic overlords (honestly, we are not sure exactly what is with the robot side at this point, but they act a lot like a Hitler run regime) and being led like sheep into what needs to be done in their lives.


The artwork is completely realistic, with an amazing feeling of humanity. The sheer emotion the artist was able to showcase because of the intricate design and line work hops off the page into the readers minds. It is some of the best and most realistic art work I have ever seen done on print. With the realistic story telling brought to life, it creates an intriguing world view. One that I can honestly say makes a lot of sense based on life itself.

We learn a lot in this issue, but one of the main things I noticed immediately is how racist this comic really makes our future. All of the living humans we see are white, are standard, with very little diversion of the way they look and act. The first time they meet someone of a different colour, due to crazy circumstances, nobody has any idea what to do or say.

This comic gives you a constant cluster bomb of high paced energy and life. You get to see action, romance, love, hate, and a lot of other phrasings that I could easily use, but without you reading it yourself, you will not get the true passion of this comic. I do not regret reading this one, and I know that moving forward there will be a lot of thinking involved in this one. That is never a bad thing!

Tune in next week when we do another review, until that time “may all your comics be crisp!

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