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Welcome back to another edition of THIS JUST IN! comic book reviews with your amazingly handsome reviewer, Fat Adam. This week I decided to jump into one of my favorite heroes titles (or at least I thought it was based on the title) Wolverines!

Written by the talented Charles Soule, and tapping into the amazing penciling styles of local phenom Nick Bradshaw, I was more than stoked to jump into this series. I could not even explain to the comic hunter boys what had taken me so long to do so.

Stemming from the death of the infamous Wolverine, we now follow a group named The Wolverines, who are teamed up with Paradise in the beginning of the story. We learn that Wolverines son Daken, teaming up with Sabertooth, Mystique, Shogun, and many more, is huddled outside of an abandoned facility. They are tracking something that apparently has the ability to cause life or death, and the build up to find out what it is comes off extremely intense, so we have to continue reading and find out what is going on.



Enter the Wrecking Crew, a couple of heavy hitting baddies with only one thing on their mind, salvaging this lost facility. They mention throughout the comic how they were hired on to find out whatever they could, and with that we are not really shown much throughout. Near the end we find exactly what they are looking for AND who it was who hired them. Let’s just say this is one wild way to start off a new series, and I was hooked almost immediately.

The writing in this story is really captivating. There are a couple of times you almost feel like they are spoon feeding you information, but as a first issue, coming off of the heels of one of the larger Wolverine titles, some people are just getting into this specific story line. So it is completely understandable why they felt the need to do this. At no point did I feel like the book lost its edge, or ran out of information/story to keep driving it forward.


The artwork? Honestly do not even get me started. The true emotion of the characters is brought out in each and every panel, and I absolutely loved the book starting off with three straight double page spreads. I think it was an amazingly fun way to tell the story, and really suited the overall book. It would not have looked as well laid out without it, as I feel it may have made the start of the book choppy. The cover itself really shows us what this book series is going to be about, which is good on a first issue, as this is the hook of whether to keep going or not.

Overall, this is a story I intend to now read all the way through, with using quite a few named characters, but also a decent amount of characters we do not see as often. I know this one is going to be good, so stay tuned!

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