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Welcome back to what some may consider the best comic book reviews on the internet! (I may or may not be referring to my two year old, and those of you who ONLY read this comic review, and no others) This week we will be diving into the artistically amazing world of Mirror, with the creative team of Emma Rios and Hwei Lim in accordance with Image Comics.

Ièll be brutally honest, this one was recommended to me by a friend, as the cover is not my usual style so I would most likely have skipped over it and moved on to another title. It is very colorful, and plenty artistic, but I am not a huge fan of the choppy feel to it, not to mention I would not have even seen the name of the series if I had not picked it up from behind the other Image titles.

Remember one thing, do not always judge a book by its cover. Instead, letès judge it by the oddly done inside. Our story starts off with Ivan, a promising young mage in the Irzah Colony. He is grooming and “transforming” a “familiar” is what I gather named Sena. She goes from being a regular dog into some sort of half dog, half human hybrid. You can tell the change is not pleasant based on the very few scenes that showcase this change.


The entire start to the story I felt rushed. I felt like they were trying to cram all of the explanation of two characters, and how evil their leaders are, with how powerful the kid was, all in about five pages, which is just not enough to develop the real message of the story. So starting out I was already a bit worried about the turn this book was taking.

Honestly? It just got more confusing as it continued farther down the rabbit hole. We jump forward until Ivan is now an older, much more powerful Magician, and he is experimenting on all sorts of “Guardians” which are essentially sentient animals who can converse with Humans, but also possess reason, power, and an overall genome that separates them from their other animal parts. We meet his colleague, and servant for lack of a better term, Rat, which is by far one of the oddest and most messed up looking creatures I have seen. It looks like Voldemort and one of the moon children had a baby, and left him in the basement too long. So visually the artwork was all over the place. It was stunning, to odd, to far fetched, to beautiful and back. I can’t get a good read on it at all.


The story behind it is fairly original BUT, it is honestly confusing enough that I had to read it a couple times to make sure I fully understood exactly what was going on. It jumps around a lot and tosses FAR too much information at you, acting as if you should already know the background to the story.

It is not a bad read, per se, but it may be a bit of a turn off for some casual comic readers. I recommend trying issue one so at least you know whether you like the style or not. Make an educated decision from there!

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