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Hey there comic book fans and welcome back to another fine edition of THIS JUST IN! comic reviews by Fat Adam. This week I am doing my best to make everyone happy and review a comic, which is based on a game, which happens to fall into a high fantasy setting, that follows suit with an RPG that people have been playing for years. I of course speak of Pathfinder : Hollow Mountain.

This comic series is being written by James L. Sutter with the amazingly detailed fantasy artwork of Tom Garcia, working in unison they have brought to life a comic that many have described as inventive, passionate, and interesting to name a few. Honestly though, what is the comic itself really about? Let’s jump in and find out!



We start with a brief explanation of the world before out story truly begins. We learn of a world breaking event, which is destroying most of the major powers on the planet, in order to cleanse it. We learn, once the real story begins, that this event is known as Earthfall, which saw two of the largest cities decimated, and several other parts of the world drowned into the sea with it.

We join a piece of our group, Val (on first appearance I would say a classic rogue), Merisiel (comes off as a powerful sorceress/assassin), and the other members of their party as they are going through the runes of  Thassilon, a city of darkness and great evil. Basically, the perfect place for an adventuring party.

This story reads just like a Pathfinder adventure, and honestly that is what is so captivating about it! At one point, Garcia actually does a double page spread which is a Pathfinder map, including the layout and quick update on the monsters and traps they ran into in each one.

The flow of the story is absolutely dynamic and spot on brilliant, with the artwork being extremely clean. It has a lot of similarities to actual pathfinder artwork, which goes a long way with the continuity of the story.


Our group continues their journey, battling skeletons, gargoyles, and all other manners of mythical beasts, the story really makes some interesting choices in the way it unravels. Honestly, it is easily one of the most interesting comics I have ever come to read.

Our journey turns quite south for our adventurers when they set of a summoning trap, causing a battle for the ages with several Spite Demons. One of the party members is just about slain, saved in the nick of time, and then? Well, you’ll just have to read this yourself to find out.

I would say that this comic would be a fun read for adventure lovers, Pathfinder lovers, and anyone who just enjoys a surprising run through the runes of an old world.

Until next time, may all your comics be crisp, and your rolls be true!

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