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Hey there comic book nerds, welcome back to another edition of THIS JUST IN comic book reviews. I will be your guide into the Comic Hunter sponsored world of comics, Fat Adam! This week we are grabbing hold of another image comics release, Cry Havoc, which is written by the ever wonderful Simon Spurrier, with magical artwork by non other than Ryan Kelly. The cover of this issue was fairly intriguing, so honestly this is why I chose to pick it up!


We follow the life and transformation of Louise, our star heroine who starts off as a run of the mill girl in an unrealistically supernatural world. She has absolutely no idea any of that until it is too late.


Louise is a busker and a musician, who spends her days playing for whatever  she can make, and hoping it is enough to keep scraping by. In doing so, she ends up running into a werewolf, demon, something crazy with fangs and paws, which envelops itself into her soul. She is given special abilities, which few have, and tossed into the entire world on her own. Never knowing what the right choice will be, or where to turn for solutions, she ends up joining a group of mercenaries who all have unique abilities as well, assumingly given to them by other types of creatures. There is not a lot of explanation in this first issue, but that actually made it even more intriguing to read.

Tasked to find another of her kind, she is promised the ability to be freed of her new abilities and given her old life back upon completion of the mission, which of course goes completely off track. In what way? Who knows, we have to wait until issue two to find out any of the specifics, which again, has me tensed to keep reading. We jump around a bit through out the issue, which can be a little confusing to some, but it does tie together the start of the book and the end, which is a great tactic to cause a reader to re-read the same issue looking for clues.



I am super impressed with the captivating writing in this story, I never felt the story drag or become any less interesting then it previously had been. The art really lends itself to the style of supernatural thriller style of comic this one is meant to be, and honestly if anything I would say the art is damn near perfectly suited.

The overall theme is one I enjoy, and can not wait to see more of, with the continued promise of twists, turns, and loose ends (as long as they tie them up at some point) then I will be a continued reader for sure.

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