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Welcome to, what I consider to be, Moncton’s greatest weekly written comic review that is published on The Comic Hunter website. This week Fat Adam brings you an amazing tale of love, romance, and acid dripping blood capable of melting steel. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I give you Aliens Defiance. This Dark Horse Comics story, written by Brian Wood, and illustrated by Tristan Jones, we jump into the very well known rabbit hole of the extremely popular cult film series, Aliens.

A few of you must be thinking by now “Well, I know this series, why do I want to read a comic that is all about something I am already familiar with” but let me tell you, this is nothing you have seen in the series before. There is Aliens, Marines, and the occasional blood curdling death scene, but the overall story is absolutely stunning. Why don’t we do a brief breakdown!



We follow Private First Class Zula Hendricks, as she is about to board “The Derelict“,  a mass hauler which has lost all communications. Zula is there to hand over the keys, after unlocking the flight recorder and transmitting all of the data back to her base. Before we enter the ship and find out what kind of mass issues have happened, we flash back to a little bit before the mission, showing Zula in a hospital. She seems to be having some issues with her legs and back, which we should find out soon enough is Massive Spinal Trauma, being repaired by Nanotherapy.

This is when we meet Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Aliens legend Ellen Ripley, and a doctor working in the hospital with Zula (as well as many other patients obviously). We flash back into the mission, now on the ship, and surrounded by a completely synthetic army. All of which stand absolutely no chance against the aliens who come busting into the joint, claws and teeth flying. Zula falls, breaks her helmet, and is knocked unconscious.


She wakes up back on a new ship (how she was found? I would actually love to know), oh wait, we immediately find out that she was rescued by them flushing all of the Aliens off of the ship they are now currently on. Uhm, wait what? Yeah, the ship that was completely dying, and floating off in space, is now being run by less than a ten man army, all trying to survive on this ship.

This story is really interesting, and because it builds off of a long standing cult classic series, most readers will have no trouble jumping into it. I know this is going to be explosive, action packed, and hopefully continue to be a new refresher on an older story.

Oh, and also just want to toss out that the freaking Aliens are using human bodies. Oh yeah, they are freaking walking around on two legs, the size of regular humans. Humans with second mouths that punch through faces… My kind of humans.

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