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Welcome to a rousing edition of THIS JUST IN! comic book reviews with Fat Adam. This week we will be jumping through the pages of International Iron Man, a fresh take on a long standing story. One that I was excited to read, as I have a HUGE man crush on Iron Man.

International Iron Man is the story of Iron Man, after finding out that his birth parents were not who he always thought they were, and was actually born in (insert random country that we have not learned of yet) which is just mind boggling!

Tony Stark, whose Patriotism is only rivalled by that of Captain America, finds his allegiances tested in this interesting series, but how does it get to that point? Well let’s find out!



International Iron Man is written by Brian Michael Bendis, with devastatingly fresh artwork by Alex Maleev, so a powerhouse team to say the least.

We start with Tony, as a young man, in a club trying to flirt with the most attractive woman there. Nothing really new, as Stark was always a playboy, but what is interesting about Cassandra Gillespie is she turns out not just to be the most beautiful woman there, she also turns out to be a kick-ass one. Tony take a haymaker to the jaw, and she knocks the English Hooligan on his ass, while Tony watches in awe.

Flash forward to them escaping her bodyguards, and meeting outside of the club, we find out she is actually the daughter of one of Tony’s fathers rivals. Good ole Stark falls in love even harder when he finds this out. His main reason for going to school in England was to escape his parents, and his rebellious attitude shows through in good old Iron Man fashion.

Tony throughout the whole story, does what he really does best. He is intelligent, snarky, with the perfect amount of sass, which is good for his character development.

We flash forward once again to when Cassandra’s family wants to meet with Tony, especially considering their daughter is interested in him, which poses a big family problem. What they all expected was a slightly uncomfortable dinner, but I am sure no one expected Hydra to show up and start dropping bullets like they were going out of style.


Hails of bullets, lots of dead guards, Tony shot in the shoulder, and all the dead hydra agents you could want later, we hit our twist ending. This is something I will NOT be going over, as you really need to pick up this series yourself.


I can honestly say that they captured the true essence of Tony Stark, and I am hoping they also hit Iron Man on the head, as we really do not see much of him this issue.

Either way, I am absolutely sticking with this one to see how it develops. No matter the good, or the bad, Iron Man will always be a comic to watch out for.


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