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THIS JUST IN! with Fat Adam is proud to say welcome back while we decide to review the comic Welcome Back! (See what I did there, God I am absolutely hilarious!) In all seriousness though, before I go any further, I need to say that this cover IMMEDIATELY captivated me. While it is fairly simplistic, it also adds a level of depth to the comic before I even crack the pages. I had to see what was inside. What was inside, was not disappointing, for sure.

Welcome Back is a comic that is written by Christopher Sebela, and adds the passionately intricate art stylings of Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, together creating what I would say visually is one of the more interesting original projects of 2015 (I mean, obviously behind Psychosis).

Why don’t we see what the story is really about, and whether or not it is your cup of non descript tea?



Our story starts with our main character Mali (used to be Maizie Lirah, but she changed it legally, for reasons explained soon), as she tries to hide from her extremely disturbing and brutal past. Her step-father, known as the Omaha Ripper, was a brutal serial killer (who we do not yet learn a lot about, but I am sure he will make some waves soon) causing her to run away from her old life, and try to start a new one out of the eyes of the limelight. Sometimes, those eyes come searching for the lost life, and sometimes that life is secretly part of what comes off as a two man eternity pact of murder and destruction.

Hold on, what the hell did I just say? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Mali, along with “Ms. Vos” seem to be two bodies destined to be responsible for each others deaths. The start shows us a time travel through generations directly to modern times, and in each scene there is two men (or women) who are killing each other. It is a very good vs. evil scenario which blends well into the story.

Mali starts having these weird dreams about her old life, and these dreams start to turn a bit more violent, as I assume she is remembering her old lives. There is not a lot of explanation, but it seems to follow the same line of life as her old timelines, and the murders are just as brutal.

Jumping back and forth between Mali and Val, we learn they are actually destined to kill each other once their memories return in their new bodies. Once one of them kill the other, they then must kill themselves, following each other into the next life…


Honestly, I felt like this story would confuse me a bit, but it didn’t! It managed to keep me entertained, captivated, and ended with such a cliff hangar that I was surprised that no one had thought of the idea before.

Either way, two bad-ass female leads, who take no crap from anyone? You can always count me in!

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