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I’ve been thinking about the spoiled cards for Born of the Gods and I have a few favourites as well as cards that I think will see play in various formats. The set looks interesting for Limited and in my mind a few of the promo cards are definitely stronger than the others.

White and the Silent Sentinel would want to play a good number of enchantments in order to make the ability off of Silent Sentinel relevant, the best of course would be bestow or other enchantment creatures.  Blue and the Arbiter of the Ideal looks like it wants to try and abuse the new Inspired mechanic, so finding ways to tap and then untap the Arbiter could lead to wondrous things.  Black happens to give you Eater of Hope and at first glance I wasn’t overly impressed with the card. After some thought however, if you could build a deck that can create a bunch of tokens or cheap creatures then not only will Eater of Hope be hard to deal with, but it gives you reusable removal.  Red and Forgestoker Dragon also seems like a lot of fun and a great creature as it has built in removal for smaller creatures or prevents larger ones from blocking.  And last but not least Nessian Wilds Ravager. Most of the time I don’t like a card that gives your opponent the ability to decide on what happens when you cast it (not counting Fact or Fiction).  However the Nessian Wilds Ravager either kills one of your opponent’s creatures or is a 12/12 and in limited this is probably bad for your opponent either way.

There are a bunch of other cards that have got my deck building wheels turning and the first of those is Brimaz, King of Oreskos a 3/4 for 3 converted mana with Vigilance and makes 1/1 tokens when he attacks or blocks seems very aggressive.

Blue offers us this next tool in the box for control decks, Whelming Wave:

Whelming Wave seems like it could do very interesting things in the right deck alongside Kiora to help keep her alive and reach her ultimate. Then if Kiora can actually activate her -5 ability then she has a way to get rid of the competition and let the Krakens walk in and clean up in short order.

Kiora is one of those cards that in theory is very good, as all her abilities are strong and relevant. Whether or not she is sustainable against decks full of Thoughtsiezes and Hero’s Downfalls is yet to be determined.

Speaking of decks running Thoughtsieze and Hero’s Downfalls, here are a few new tools for Mono Black devotion:

Bile blight seems like an excellent removal spell that adds the Maelstrom Pulse like effect for good measure.  Bile blight might be good, but Marshmist Titan seems INSANE to me. He might as well read Affinity for Black Mana symbols.  I mean does anybody remember this guy and how awesome he was?

For those of you who never got to play with the Affinity Mechanic, it was one of the most broken mechanics Wizards ever printed.  So due to the power of its predecessor, I do believe Marshmist Titan will see at least some good play testing.
The new Gods could definitely see some play, I would think mainly commander decks but Mogis and Xenagos are probably the most powerful of the new gods.  Mogis seems like a monster in a R/B or B/R aggro deck.

Xenagos is probably the best of these gods as he already has a good deck he falls right into R/G Monsters!  Now add the fact that he can give Arbor Colossus +6/+6 and haste, If I play G/R Monsters this guy will definitely be included. I also would like to mention Ephara as card advantage should never be underestimated. I do not think she is as good as Mogis or Xenagos but in the right deck she could be very good. The last card I would like to show case is Astral Cornucopia. This card excites me more so for my Derevi commander deck giving me a second Gilded lotus to go infinite with.  Astral Cornucopia could also see some constructed play as it is any colour mana ramp.  It could find itself in control decks or other midrange decks that can abuse Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.  Play testing with the new mana rock will definitely have to be done to see if it has a place in the standard metagame.

All in all Born of the Gods looks like a fun limited format and it has a few tools to be added into existing decks, some of which could put those decks over the top.  Stay tuned for what decks I can brew up using Born of the Gods cards in the near future.  Thanks  for reading.

Article submitted by Alexander J. Curry

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