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3 Devils 001-000

Holy Jesus, ladies and gentlemen WE ARE BACK with THIS JUST IN! comic book reviews, with your friendly neighborhood fat man, Fat Adam. I want to apologize for leaving you without anything to jump into, but I really just want to jump right into this one.

3 Devils is an IDW Publishing release, which is written and drawn by a Mr. Bo Hampton. I will be completely honest, I knew nothing about this one, and do not remember every reading/seeing anything by this creator, but I do find IDW has done a lot of really good works lately, so why not?


I want to say, this one started so extremely cliched in the story, I was pretty sure Bo was related to M. Night Shaymalyandmaneds (I couldn’t even be bothered to search the spelling). With the infamous scene of a mother telling her daughter “Of course you’re going to grow old enough to get married” which we all know are famous last words. Boy howdy, it was fun to see what came of it though.

So, the 3 Devils are a gang of bandits, lead by a man I would compare to a cowboy Dracula, including the feeding on blood, and being a cold blooded vampire. His other two associates, are basically just lunks, who seems to want to beat on innocent people, killing everything in their way. Classic goons, with little matter or personality.3 Devils 001-002


So this is an interesting take on a vampire story, mainly because the little girl actually survives, only to see her entire family murdered with axes. God bless the use of axes when the men had guns, it is a hell of a lot more personal. The father actually seemed to recognize the vampire though, which added to the knowledge that the gypsies had lived in the same country at one time with him, and he alludes to as much as well.

Now the main character (the only survivor) is found by a man by the name of Marcus Cornelius, an escaped slave, who knows what it is like to see horrors you may not come back from, and he takes her in immediately. Seems like a nice enough guy, who happens to have one of the coolest supernatural powers I have seen in comics. One which you will need to go and get the comic to find out, as I am not willing to spoil that twist.

3 Devils 001-003



The book is well worth the read, and does leave me a bit perplexed where they will be going with the story. That isn’t really a bad thing though, because it means I will want to buy the future issues.

I know this will be a more original take on a supernatural style of story, which will come across with good writing, and decent artwork. Overall, it does have a VERY IDW feel, so I was more than okay with it.

Thanks for being so patient with me while I worked on a few other projects as well, and remember to support your local Comic Hunter, as they are some of the kindest, and most knowledgeable people you will ever meet!

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