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World of Warcraft - Legion 001-001

Welcome back to another rousing edition of THIS JUST IN! comic book reviews starring me, your favorite man with the Taco plan, Fat Adam.

This week, as much as I hate to say it, we are taking a long hard look at World of Warcraft : Legion, and the only reason I hate to say it, is that I was one of those super nerds who was obsessed with the damned MMORPG and the entire lore this is based on. So of course, I did what all bad reviewers should do, I went in with rose colored glasses.

Written by Matt Burns, with fantastical artwork by Ludo Lullabi, The cover of this book (As shown above) is intense. It gives me the true World of Warcraft feel, with magic, fear, and the art style of a great HD version of the game. So I was actually intrigued by the cover on this one almost as much as knowing it was World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft - Legion 001-003

We jump into Moira, daughter of the Dwarven King Magni, giving a rousing speech to her encased in glass/diamond father, about how she knew he was stirring in his “grave” as it were. She was the daughter he never wanted, and he could do nothing right then to stop her from claiming her rightful place on the throne of Ironforge.

Well, that’s what was supposed to happen, until Magni IMMEDIATELY wakes up and decides it is time to be a diamond skinned, god among dwarves, King of the underground again. So, your basic World of Warcraft quest!

Wait, ANOTHER CURVE-BALL? Yep, with all his power and wisdom, Magni doesn’t even want the throne, he wants to issue a warning that there is terrible things coming! Surprise, again, it is like every World of Warcraft plot line known to man. Still, the artwork is absolutely dazzling. I love the new take on old characters, and giving us some background on a character that is lamented in our hearts, Magni.

World of Warcraft - Legion 001-004


The artwork carries this story, and the lore of the entire series helps build characters we know and love. The story is not bad, it is just full of WoWisms, which to me means all kinds of different World of Warcraft jokes, comments, and overall feelings into the story. I get it, it is based on the fandom, but I was hoping it would be a little bit of information that was new to the reader. I am glad it does introduce the Legion, which was a huge piece of the game and lore, which gives me a very happy feeling.

We see a crap ton of character development in this one, seeing the real passion and leadership that Moira has garnered in the four years her father has been gone, and apparently her father saw it all too. This issue had its small amount of touching moments, and honestly overall it was an enjoyable read.

Pick up a copy, ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of the lore or games. It is well worth your time!

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