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House of Penance 001-001

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the greatest comic book reviews in the known universe of current Comic Hunter publishers! This is Fat Adam checking in, and wishing you all a happy hunting in the comic world.

This week, I wanted to touch base with my first horror genre comic review. I want to start by saying I am a wuss. I get terrified of heights, the dark, spiders, basically any horror video game ever made, and Chucky (Mainly because I owned one of those damned Buddy dolls growing up). So I knew going into this, if it was the slight bit scary, I might poop a little. That being said, if it was a psychological thriller (which most horror comics REALLY are), not only would I be fine, but I would see what was coming from a mile away.

House of Penance, written by the talented Peter J. Tomasi, with the psychedelic art stylings of Ian Bertram, is the story of Mrs. Winchester, a woman whose family was recently deceased (does not yet tell us how) but that she brought all the way across the country to bury properly. This is THE Winchester, as she is working on guns and ammunition when we first happen upon her. In that time, she is doing her best to stay strong while digging both graves herself.

House of Penance 001-003


Next, we jump into the life of what I assume to be a mercenary man. He is gunning down several Native Americans, all in a ploy to make it seem like they were killed by another warring tribe of them. I feel this is some sort of war of the land, to get the Natives to kill each other while the white man profits on the chaos. Either way, it was an amazing scene of brutality, but gave us the notion that the mercenary did have a heart, when he noticed he had accidentally killed a baby, his first thought was pure hatred of himself.

Another Native comes flying out of the brush, but instead of killing him, the mercenary lets him live, as he is mumbling about a child over and over again (to our assumptions that this man just watched his wife and newborn son die in a hail of gunfire). I like seeing humanity shown to characters we are expected to dislike, and I looked forward to seeing him again.

House of Penance 001-004


This book is gritty, it is realistic, and honestly it is a bit hard to read (graphic stylings) some times. The overall story is a bit choppy, but I feel it is meant to be that way so we can see the evolution of the merc man, and the slow drive to pure insanity in Mary Winchester. Either way I know the story will continue to be a bit broken, rough around the edges, and lean to crazy. I seem to be fine with it though!

The art work is SUPER rough, but again, while I would normally hate this style of art, the weird thing is it REALLY works for this story. It adds to the creepy factor that the story is trying to do.

It’s worth another issue!

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