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Hey there nerds, how has your week of waiting been? I’m sure you filled it with an amazing array of comic books, but how many of you kept an eye out for this baby? This week THIS JUST IN! is happy to review Horizon, which is a new title from Image Comics. So come and join the Fat Adam Army, while we check out the good, and bad, of what lays inside the Horizon.

Written by Brandon Thomas, with the amazing artistry of Juan Gedeon, Horizon is a journey of adventure, alien races, and survival. So basically everything you want in a sci-fi comic book.


It is catchy. The cover is the first thing we get to say, and I was happy with the layout. It gave me enough information, without detracting from the story or giving too much away. Before reading this issue, I feel this is sci-fi, with aliens clearly. I imagine a planet was either destroyed or at least the population wiped out, and one female will try and save earth. Let’s see if I was right.



This one is awkward as all hell. We make it about ten pages in before there is any intelligible reading involved in this comic. It relies highly on the artwork carrying it, and it really does. We have an alien who crash landed on Earth. She is trying to repair herself, and regain her abilities, as the damage she took did not allow repair with the items she had on her.

She can not understand the English language, and as we see when she is trying to watch the news, the letters are completely jumbled. We can make it out but damn it takes quite a bit of deciphering. I actually like this aspect, as it puts us into the main characters mind set. It shows us how she is feeling, and what is going on in her mind.


Throughout the issue we find out the Earth (or possibly the U.S. only) is really not doing well. Fresh water is at an all time low, the population is dwindling to a shell of what it once was, and the skies are getting extremely murky with fog and pollution. Essentially, the world is trying to rid itself of the ever growing cancer of humanity.

There is brief flashbacks of when Zhia (the alien who looks like the blue singer from 5th Element) was preparing for her interstellar travel to our planet. When she was implanted with what I am comfortable must be a translator, since she repairs it in her brain and can miraculously understand English now.


The comic is refreshing, as it has an amazing story without actually having to try to hard. There is very little fluff, and even less activity in issue one. The actual surprise is how a comic that had almost no reading could keep me entertained on every page.

This is a +1 to my collection for sure. Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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