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1Welcome to another exciting escapade of THIS JUST IN! Comic book reviews with your trusted fatguy, Fat Adam! This weeks comic comes to us from one of the big dogs, DC Comics. That being said, I went with something that is not the cliche rewriting of a massively overdone character (AKA Superman, Batman, Aquaman, etc) and went with a title I had absolutely no knowledge of at the time, Wacky Raceland.

This comic is written by the amazing Ken Potac (Justice League Unlimited and this title), and artwork by the absolutely stunning Leonardo Manco (Gears of War Book 3, This title, and Cover work for MANY amazing books such as Lobo, Red Hood/Arsenal, etc) so we know we are getting solid work from a good team. This is the first comic the two have worked on together, but I do not feel it detracted from their ability to tell the story.



This main cover is absolutely stunning. It catches my eye immediately, and is easily recognizable to the story. I can tell it is going to be dirty, gritty, and a post apocalyptic story of some kind. There is a few variant covers as well, but no others are as perfect as this one is for this comic.


The story is one of a deathrace kind of animal. The racers (main characters) are trying to win their way to freedom in the great Utopia of our world. The world itself has been ravaged by floods and other weather, to the point that 80% of the world is gone. The racers are promised a trip to Utopia, if only they can win the race. The catch? The race has no rules. Weapons, murder, and anything else is allowed. The only target is to come in first.

Penelope is our MAIN main character, and it explains a little bit about her background by telling us that she was taken by a mysterious force at the moment she was supposed to die in the floods, and given a choice. We put you back to die, OR you join the race and possibly win your way to Utopia. It does require more than one win, and also requires you actually survive enough to win them all, but in the end it is the only place left in the world free from the disease of man.

I will say, some of the best racing action scenes I have seen in a comic. Some times a bit cluttered, but the overall theme and story is really well laid out.



The writing is on point, the story flows really well, and the characters are extremely dynamic. The art is clean, crisp, and completely graphic. This is the team that was needed for this story, and I know they have a lot more to come in the future of the story.

I would recommend this story to :

Action/Adventure readers with a precedence for Science Fiction in the story.

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