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Ladies and Gentlemen, Nerds and Nerdettes, welcome back to your amazing journey into comic goodness, with your ferryman Fat Adam. THIS JUST IN! is proud to be doing another Dynamite comic, which was only released this year, Devolution.

Devolution was written by Rick Remender, with the beautifully detailed art styling of Jonathan Wayshak, so we definitely have some well seasoned team of comic book veterans. Remender has written basically every comic ever written (He has north of 100 full titles under his belt) and in doing such has really learned how to hook the reader.


The cover is a bit bland to me, and honestly it almost stopped me from picking it up. The art is good, and the concept is alright, but it just feels like an overdone style for a cover. Nothing really original about it.



We follow Raja, a woman on her own trying to survive the modern world. We are in Nevada, in what seems to be a post apocalypse setting, with men who are three times her size, and very brutish. Not much brain, all brawn, and clearly all killed VERY efficiently. So we have now learned that her brother died because she washed so she doesn’t wash, she can kill three men without breaking a sweat, and that maps are a precious commodity. This is all in the first four pages of the comic.

This comic throws the fact that humanity has essentially gone back to the stone age, mainly because of a drug known as DVO-8. It didn’t just send humanity back though, it even brought back some of the dinosaurs. This leaves me wondering why Raja seems intelligent and capable, but everyone else we have met seems to be a mindless cretin. We find out this drug was actually meant to destroy the part of the brain that believed in Religion, but instead set the whole evolutionary clock back to the dawn of man. Someone, somewhere, (Donald Trump CLEARLY) messed up.

Humanity still has a few pockets of people around, but even they are dumb as the rocks they probably crawled out from under. Most of them fight, kill, and eat each other. Honestly, this comic is fairly messed up and I absolutely love it.



This comic is well written, well drawn, and a really good depiction of humanity if we keep going the way we are.

The writing captivates you, making you want more, and making you keep reading each and every word. Salivating on the message of humanity in its doomed state.

The art is really good, but it is a bit over the top in parts. I love the gritty feel, and the dirty overall look, but the body proportions on some of the actual humans is a bit much sometimes.

This is an interesting concept, which I will be following through on as it seems to be a well thought out story. Tune in sometime in the future, maybe I will actually touch back on this one!

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