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Hey there comic book fans, I want to thank you all for sticking out this amazing journey with me so far! This week we are going to go over a new comic by Image Comics which is titled Kill or Be Killed! Join me as we see what I have to say about an Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips creation of epic proportions.

KILL or be KILLED is the story of Dylan, a vigilante who has decided to break the vicious streak of innocent lives being taken by taking a bunch of lives himself. I know at this point, you are wondering how this makes him a good guy, and possibly it doesn’t, but like Deadpool, Punisher, and a slew of vigilantes before him, he is helping rid the world of dirty people. Unlike all the rest of them, he has no choice other than death.

So Dylan decided his life was too much to deal with. He was ready to call it quits. His best friend was sleeping with his roommate, even though he was madly in love with her. His life and career were going nowhere, and he had officially given up on life. So much so, he jumped from the top of his building, hitting several things on the way down and being saved by blind luck.


Well… Blind luck and a demon that has a pact to make with him. Uh, yeah, it does become that kind of story adding a supernatural twist to an already twisted situation. So the deal is this, he is now going to kill someone every single day for the rest of his life OR his body will start to react like there is a drug withdrawal happening, literally killing him slowly and painfully over the course of a few days.

We see this in the beginning of his transformation as he does not believe he actually saw a demon, or was told to do such an evil thing. Once his body starts to fail, and the pain sets in the demon once again visits him, this time making sure he knows it is not a joke.

The start of this comic is actually after the pact has already been made which is why there is so much action, gore, and straight up murder. This book is full of amazing artwork, great writing, and the ability to bring you on a journey that jumps all over the damn place.



If you are a fan of well written action books, jump into this one with both feet. Don’t wait for it to keep going, get in at the ground level. The team is amazing together, and knowing that that are planning a good story is something I look forward too.

I anticipate this to be a series to watch out for. Make sure to stop by The Comic Hunter and grab a copy while they last, and get any new recommendations from them!

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