This past Modern season ended up being a difficult one for me compared to last years, as I had 2 Modern PPTQ top 8’s plus a limited top 8 finish which was about 80% of the events I got to participate in.  Then the Splinter Twin ban happened and I left brewing/ deck building for modern off for too long I think.  As after the Splinter Twin ban I went to the next easiest option for building for myself which was Grixis Value Town.  With mediocre finishes with the deck at local events I decided to move on to Jeskai Nahiri control very close to Ingram’s list from Team Meta Game Guru’s.  Again not overly happy with my finishes with the Nahiri deck list I decided to change once again and I think one for the better that fits my play style slightly more …….Infect.

  Please come back!
……. We miss you!

This past year I feel that Wizards botched Modern when they banned Splinter Twin and created the monsters we all know as Eldrazi.  When they did this I feel that they took away the one Tempo control deck that was keeping a lot of the other unfair decks in check, or at least made them have to play in a more defensive approach.  Now the Eldrazi might have made short work of the deck anyways but then again Splinter Twin might have also kept the Eldrazi decks in Check.  So if the Magic gods are listening, Please whisper urges of un-banning Splinter Twin into WoTC’s ears over and over and over again.


The reasons I went to Grixis Value Town was that I was already toying with the Idea of Grixis control, then after seeing Bobby Leblanc’s Grixis list decided to build it before the banning for Splinter Twin and thankfully I did.  I guess I never played Grixis in a larger scale event other than the normal Modern Fight Nights and perhaps I should have, but my fear was that games could go to time as sometimes it took the deck a while to get there.  I’m not fully finished with Grixis yet as there are some tweaks and changes I want to make to my list before play testing the deck and making my final decisions going forward with the list.


Then I witnessed the glory that was Jeskai Nahiri, another control deck in modern that had a win condition that ended the game pretty much on the spot if uncontested.  Using Nahiri, The Harbinger’s ultimate to search your Library for Emrakul, The Aons Torn seemed so amazing that I had to build the list and play it as it looked like it could play very similarly to Splinter Twin.  Unfortunately this is not the case, for those of you who are big on running control decks I suggest you give the deck a try as I think it’s a good deck and can close out games quickly.  However Jeskai Nahiri has a bunch of not so great match ups as the deck is weak to Tron, Bant Eldrazi and explosive hands without the proper answers for aggressive decks can just quickly go south.  So I ran my Jeskai Nahiri deck in one of the PPTQ’s of this Modern Season and  finished 3/2 So not terrible I guess considering which did put me in 8th, however the event had a very small turn out and the cut was to top 4.  I then played the deck in numerous Modern Fight Nights and as much as I like the deck it doesn’t seem to be the deck for me.  Perhaps I just need to Tweak the deck or do some more play testing as the deck is not a simple one to play.


Since deciding that I wanted to go into a different direction for modern I finally decided that picking up Noble Hierarchs was what I wanted to do which gives me access to a couple of decks I am interested in playing.  My first direction has been Infect as this deck also has some similarities to Splinter Twin, not so much the tempo control side as the combo win condition in which you protect to get there.  Typically I don’t like playing a linear strategy deck for the simple reason you can’t adapt all that much to winning in a different manner if your first strategy gets nullified.  Infect however has a lot of interactive spells, not so much with your opponents permanents and such but more so to protect your own against opposing spells and finding a way to get through for damage.  The other nice thing about Infect is that it doesn’t have to win via infect, but ultimately your pump spells are what is normally going to finish off a game.  The strategy of Infect still remains fairly strait up, attack at the right times and close out the game ASAP.  So far I have done alright with the deck, but I think the more I play it and figure out how to sideboard the deck the better I will do with the deck.


The other deck that I purchased Noble’s for is Abzan Company as I already had a lot of the deck and was only missing a few things for it.  Not only is Abzan Company a combo deck it runs a lot of value creatures that I have loved over the course of Magic, Mana Dorks, Kitchen Finks, Murderous Redcap just to name a few.  So I am excited to try Abzan Company and see how it goes.


Hope you all enjoyed my recent history with Modern!   I will also be putting up deck lists in the near future of all the decks I’ve been running, but for the sake of this weekends upcoming events I’d rather not give away free information just yet.  I will also keep praying for some sweet Splinter twin un-bannings in the next Ban and restricted changes to give me yet another option for Modern and one I feel will help the format.

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