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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back once again to your Comic Hunter new comic revelation! Where we try and keep you in the loop on the lesser known titles, helping you make educated decisions on what to read! My name is Fat Adam and this week we will be diving into a Vertigo title, Everafter.

This comic is coming to us from Justus, Sturges, Moore, and Wiggam, who have combined a lot of unique outlooks into a world of amazing fantasy. Let’s jump right into this one and see what the hype is really all about!

So Everafter jumps into a world of fantasy, first of all by letting us know this is a world of Fables (but not the ones we are used to). Bo Peep and her husband , who are fighting a massive horde of zombies with him riding a pretty bad ass motorcycle, and a mysterious man who turns out to be Hansel, who all together are fighting the horde trying to get some sort of magical item. There is very little explanation, and a who lot of confusion, but then they introduce our main character, Connor. Pretty average name, not well known, well he may not be, but his parents Prince Charming and Snow White are pretty well known by the world.


Connor jumps into this group, wanting to be a part of something bigger, change his life, and bring a lot of respect back to the family name again. In order to do this, he needs to join those who fight the world they’ve been given. What’s left of their world.

The writing in this comic is absolutely stunning. Building an amazing world from a known set of characters and locations that we’ve all known for most of our lives, but turning into something more out of our nightmares than our dreams. Giving a new personality to so many famous characters, including making Hansel a giant piece of cow manure.


The artwork, oh son of a gun the artwork. I was stunned, I want to be honest, with the amazing artwork coming from a Vertigo comic. This is a series that could easily rival some of the biggest names in comics, and easily could be one of my favorite designed comics that I have ever read.

This comic is one that should be read by anyone who enjoys comics in general, fans of the supernatural, and especially fans of old fable tales, as you are going to see hundreds (I am sure by the end of the series at least) of old names, and a few new ones.

Thanks to The Comic Hunter for letting me get my hands on some of the best comics in the industry now a days, and keeping us up to date on everything in the comic world. Tune in next week when we give you some insight on another new comic, but until then, enjoy and pick up your copy of Everafter as soon as you can!

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