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Hey Comic Book fans, welcome back to your weekly review source by your guru Fat Adam! This week we are looking at the post-apocalyptic title from Image Comics by the name of Eclipse. With the amazing writing talent of Zack Kaplan combining the amazing artistic talent of Giovanni Timpano, we are getting a team that is brand new to me which gives me anticipation for what is coming!

So sit back, hold on tight, and get ready for the ride of your week while we review Eclipse!

In this comic we are following our main character Bax as he tries to survive in a world of complete and utter destruction. The way it is explained is ten years prior there was a massive solar flare, which somehow threw off Earths perfect balance in the universe. It has created a complete dead zone world wide. When the sun is up, humanity can not survive even seconds in its rays without the flesh melting right from their bones.


Yeah, so going to the beach is a thing of the past, and people live in underground bunkers, mainly in old subway shafts. It is a rough looking way to try and survive, but they do what they can to survive. They have evolved their way of living to fit their new surroundings, and have created an amazing suit of survival known as the Iceman suit, which gives them a few hours of survival in the suns rays. It looks like a modification on an astronauts suit, with no chance for UV or and sort of chemical/spore infiltration.

So Baxter is recruited to train a bodyguard team for the Mayor’s daughter on how to use the Iceman suits. There was a murder, clearly done during the daytime, and others have been targeted. Such as the Mayors daughter, which explains his sudden want to intervene and try to solve the case.


The comic takes a dark and twisted turn, with really phenomenal graphics in the death scenes of quite a few people. A huge reveal at the end for this comic, which I will not spoil. You should definitely read this yourself and make your own informed decisions.

The writing in this comic is amazing, and I was captivated right from the beginning of the tale. It is one of the better post-apocalyptic books I have read, and even better it isn’t about vampires, zombies, or any sort of third rate monsters (at least at this point), so they’ve used a more original story to bring this one to life.

The artwork is absolutely well done. Well it has a bit of a dirty feel to it, it works really well for this style of comic. The dark tone to the art, and the menacing feeling to the action scenes, blends well into a comic book.

You really need to stop by The Comic Hunter and try this one out. It is an amazing story, and an overall amazing book. Worth the buy, for sure!

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