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Welcome to another amazing (self proclaimed) comic book review by yours truly, FAT ADAM! This week, we flip through the pages of an IDW Publishing comic book, by the name of ROM – Revolution. Bringing together the team of Chris Ryall, Christos Gage, Ron Joseph, and Jay Fotos, we get to take a little dive into a world about intergalactic destruction on a galactic level.

We meet Rom, A space warrior who is fighting against the deadly Dire Wraiths that decimated his planet for no reason other than they wanted too. Two hundred years of hunting on several different planets has given him a unique perspective on this violent alien race, but will it be enough to stop them?

The Dire Wraiths are an evil magic based race, with the ability to manipulate OR become any “human” they come in contact with. They’ve already taken over a portion of the races from all planets they’ve been on, making them hard to assess, but even harder to exterminate. In the end it comes down to our planet, and Rom’s ability to try and defend it. After destroying so many planets before Earth, what will it mean for us if the Dire Wraiths succeed?

Only time will tell!



The writing in this book is quite complex but fairly easy to follow. At no point do I feel overburdened, or like the writer is trying to talk down to my intelligence (this is a big issue I find with most space based comics). The story itself is very captivating, keeping me reading more and more to make sure I am following what is going on, and knowing that I want to see the Human race succeed, and not be completely annihilated.

The one thing I would change is the overused story line arc of aliens replacing humans on earth. We’ve seen it in movies, comics, and tv shows even so much, it is a bit overplayed to me. I would resemble this play on the scheme as closely related to the Skrulls in Marvel.



The artwork is clean, crisp, and right on the money for the style of story this is. Now there is quite a few inconsistencies between character design and overall page continuity, but they are minor at worst. The overall design of the world outside of ours, and the intimate details used in the making of Rom give me an amazing respect for the artist, knowing he poured a lot into it!


I would say this book is good for anyone who is a fan of sci-fi, space travel, or a good old alien story. I would also recommend checking into the series itself, as there was more books before this one with different points in time. This one is just the starting point I had, so I knew the most about it.

Stay tuned for more reviews in the future, and if there is any upcoming comic you want reviewed, send me an Email!

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