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Welcome back to another rousing edition of This Just In by your comic book guru, Fat Adam. This week I actually want to tackle a giant, and see the world from the shoulders of three of the biggest heroes to ever grace a comic book page. Trinity is a DC Comics title written and drawn by Francis Manapul, whose work includes Witchblade, The Necromancer, and The Flash. This Joe Shuster award winning artist is tackling the world of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, in this tall tale of justice.
Trinity is the story behind the characters, giving new and old readers alike the ability to see what makes the characters behave the way they do, and while I feel they hit the mark for the most part, any time you tackle so many huge characters in one book, I feel it is going to compete against itself so often, that it could cause the reader to get a bit lost.


It ties the reader (especially any of them who are not reading the individual works) into the series of each, and shows the good, the bad, and the ugly, as each does have. It takes a very unique approach to a super hero comic, as there is a lot of story and not so much action, but the story is absolutely astounding. Manapul does a fantastic job of tying the three characters together, showing off the relationship they have so far developed, while not revealing too much of what is to come. It is a unique way to do an origin of sorts, while not acting like these are new characters.
The only thing that is even better than the story is the amazing spot on artwork, which is why Manapul has won the coveted Joe Shuster award. His artwork is clean, crisp, absolutely perfect for this type of story, and showcases an uncanny ability to read how a scene should play out. The fundamentals are more on point than any other comic I have seen in a long time, and not to downplay any artists out there, but this is definitely someone you should study. He knows how to tie everything together with the art, and the story just puts the gravy on top.

Trinity is the first time in a long time, I have actually wanted to follow a story of one of the big dogs. I have strictly been a small story or small indie publisher man, since they need the help and money more. I also usually feel the art and story are on point, and more fresh for a reader. In Trinity though, Manapul managed to take a set of stories we already know and love, and combine them into one continuing arc for the future.
I do not say this often, but trust me on this. This is a MUST HAVE for any fan of any of the three heroes listed, and hell, for any comic book reader in general.

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