THIS JUST IN! – Superf*ckers Forever – IDW Publishing – NSFW REVIEW




Holy outright Christ of the rise of Satan. I seriously took a wrong turn down a drug induced rabbit hole when I decided to review SUPERF*CKERS FOREVER, so strap in and get ready for the balls deep version of my first NOT SAFE FOR ANYONE comic book review. Seriously, you have been warned by me, Fat Adam.
SUPERF*CKERS FOREVER is written and drawn by JAMES KOCHALKA and JAKE LAWRENCE, so somehow a team of two thought it was an amazing idea to rehash an old comic series from the 2000’s, rebranding it slightly enough to seem new, and release its “awesomeness” onto humanity. PLEASE trust me guys, it should have stayed dead. They took a work, that was originally very edgy for its time, and made it into a joke meant for kids and teens to laugh at, even though it is titled in a way that an adult may be inquisitive. Terms like Weiner (being used for a dog and a penis), the main character Jack asking if people have seen his Vagina (which is actually a tear in the space time continuum which has vacuumed one of their friends inside), or giving a cliche stoner who looks like Shaggy from Scooby, the ability to contort and control essentially the entire god damned universe to his whimsy.

The artwork is akin to the Adventure Time cartoon series we all know and mostly love, so I wanted to like the comic. It is over the top, overly dramatic art, and something that I am sure 90% of the population can do, but we haven’t, so that’s what makes it decent. The lettering is essentially non existent, and looks to b just splattered on the page to fill as much dead space as they can.
The writing? Honestly I don’t want to even talk about it. I barely made it through the comic itself, and I enjoy reading almost anything.
I was EXTREMELY disappointed in this comic. Then it hit me. Jesus H. Christoff, this is exactly what they wanted. They wanted to create a comic so bad, it was good. Once I stopped looking at it as a serious comic, I read through it, TWICE!
I laughed a few times, and while it did not nail anything on the head for me, it turned out to be more enjoyable than I was expecting. The little hidden jokes were better than the in your face stuff, and the super hero team was such a farce of modern day comics, I felt myself smiling at the clear rip-offs of modern comics. It is like a terrible, terrible homage to everything we hold dear, and ever comic we love.


Either way, give it a chance, and go in knowing it is meant to be a farce. You may just end up liking it. Well, at least you should not end up hating it half as much as you thought you would.

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