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Welcome back nerds and nerdettes to another amazingly popular (at least ten whole readers!) edition of THIS JUST IN! with your comic book guru, Fat Adam. This week I am reviewing a different DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS title than before, CUTTER. Written by the absolutely amazing team of R.A. and GENO SALVATORE, and drawn quite perfectly by DAVID BALDEON. The story is one of a sword as much as it is of an actual character, that sword being KHAZID’HEA aka The Cutter. A sword which chooses its wielder, manipulating them into what it wants, and making them believe they are in complete control of their own emotion.
It is a powerful sword with its own personality.
The story is about a brother and sister, vying for their true birthright, and having a battle of talent in a field. Their father, who is the current wielder of the sword , is watching from the woods nearby. They spar, and while the brother seems to have a slight edge, it is not a clear victory either way. That is until LITTLE DOE (DOUM’WIELLE) hits her brother with a blast of magic, knocking him on his ass, and winning the duel handedly. Her father, after having discussions with the sword about which heir would best wield him, steps in and congratulates his daughter on a well fought battle.

The writing in this first issue is freaking amazing, and honestly I am impressed as always with the SALVATORES. They have birthed some of my favorite fantasy characters, and really helped build Dungeons and Dragons into more than just a pen and paper RPG. It is a wide ranging brand. The depth they hit in a short first issue is amazing, and it captivated me enough to pick up most of the future issues as well. You will absolutely not be disappointed in this amazing read if you pick it up.
Now the artwork, really amazes you right from the opening page. The cover catches your attention, and the colors flow so well you get take on a long and powerful ride. The intricate design on the pages, with the outright devastatingly powerful look of The Cutter, gives life to a story that didn’t need the extras. It makes you feel like you do when you play the game on its own, but this time you get to see what you’ve felt for so long.

Overall, this story is one of my favorite in the Dungeons and Dragons lines, and I would place in my top fifty comics of all time. I don’t say this very often, but this is a series you can not miss out on if you are a fan of any of the mythos. It starts with action, adds a tonne of drama and guilt, but ultimately ends with action as well. It leaves you questioning the goings on of her people, all while wanting to see both sides of this sorted tale play out.
Stop by The Comic Hunter for your copy anytime, and remind them that Fat Adam made me do it!

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