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Cannibal is the love child of writers Brian Buccellato and Jennifer Young, with the artwork being done by Matias Bergara, so I was impressed and intrigued to read this story, if for no other reason than the seasonality of the team behind it. Image Comics released this horror themed comic this year, and have been watching it gain success and acclaim fairly quickly.

Cannibal is the story of modern day earth after a devastating plague like event hit(caused by Mosquitoes giving people the Yellow Fever after a category five hurricane), killing thousands of people all around the south eastern United States. The story takes place after the GMM (Think FEMA) gives the people a cure for the Yellow Fever, which essentially turns all of them into Cannibals. Finally, a new take on the apocalyptic world without using zombies, for that alone I was excited!


We jump into the book in Florida, where none of the inhabitants have actually seen these cannibals, and the news about them is fairly sparse as well. It seems like your usual cover up, and the town of Willow, Florida, has yet to be impacted. A nice little back water town, full of friendly locals, and unsuspecting young folk. The perfect place for our story to start, as the development of each character is easy to follow. Our main character Cash works in the family bar, and while he has some twisted fantasies, he seems to be the one guy everyone trusts overall. His family essentially comes off as the back bone of the small town, and in being so, is the squatting area for all the sh*t to hit the fan.

The writing in this comic really captivates the southern charm almost perfectly. From the speech of the main characters, right down to the entire process of finding out who killed their friend, it comes off as a standard day in a small town full of hunters and gatherers. Both of the writers do an amazing job keeping us invested, while not revealing enough for us to lose our interest as the story is unfolding. It is my favorite kind of writing to read.


The artwork reminds me a lot of comics like Huck, and The Walking Dead, so it really melds well with the sadistic tone of its predecessors, and also is used completely perfectly in this story. I love the clean and brutal artwork, with just the right amount of gore to get the point across, without trying to make it too over the top. The art is clean, crisp, and definitely someone I will be looking out for in the future.

Overall this is coming off as a series I will want to continue reading. It is the right amount of horror, gore, and intriguing story, to keep us all wanting some more. I am excited to see how this one will play out, and I hope some of you were wondering if it was worth your time to get into.

Hint : It is!

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