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This week we are touching on the title Homies by Dynamite Comics. Written by David Gonzalez and Elliott Serrano, with Andrew Huerta providing the internal artwork, this comic seemed interesting and a bit wacky all at the same time. It caught my eye enough to try it, but I had no idea what to be prepared for.

Homies is the story of Hollywood (the all time playa of the Homies line) and his marriage to Gata (his sweet little hunny, oh jesus what am I saying…) with the first issue going through the wedding. The comic is entirely based on the small little plastic figures from 1998 (still available to purchase from the little vending machines) and introduces most of them into the wedding issue. Even though there is not much introduction for like eighty percent of them, it still shows their design so people can know they will be there.


The comic takes place over the course of the two trying to get married while everything around them goes to hell. From their ring bearer trying to pawn their wedding rings for an iPad, to immigration arresting most of the wait staff as illegals, all the way to a leaked photo of the groom sleeping with a hooker the night before at his bachelor party. I mean, how could this wedding go any worse than it did? I mean without finding out your cousin slept with your wife before hand. That could be one way.

The writing is fairly simplistic, and did not add anything original to the table. I felt there was a lot of touches on borderline racist comments and personalities of the Latin people, basically turning them into the absolute outlandish versions of generic gangsters. The slut, the gang banger, the muscle, etc, all included as it is with any comic that contains a gang. Nothing original about the characters.

The artwork is alright, it makes you feel like the characters are made specifically to be over the top, all over the place, and not too be taken seriously. The artwork is dirty, with almost no straight lines being used, and some rudimentary coloring in the comic. It does not feel up to par to be included in a title by one of the big five, but it works for the story that is being told.


Everything about this comic is a bit off, from start to finish. I did finish reading it, and I am glad I at least gave it a chance, but I am fairly certain that I will not be searching this title out again in the future. For anyone who actually collected the Homie’s toys, this is actually a really good addition to the collection, as you would recognize the characters and know what they are all supposed to be about.

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