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Vigilante Southland is a comic which is written by Cary Phillips and amazingly drawn by Elena Casagrande, who combined brought us the story of Donny Fairchild. He is essentially a lazy, do nothing waste of life, or at least that’s how he comes off. His story is one of heartache, love, passion, and finally acceptance of who he is really meant to be.

Our story starts off with the boys hanging out and shooting some hoops at the local basketball court. We get a brief introduction to Donny, Bobby, and a few of their other friends. Also about the turmoil the local police have caused. Apparently they are not treating African Americans with respect, and has a resounding touch of the current affairs in the United States. Donny makes a comment about he was happy his White friend was there when the cops showed up, and his girlfriend made a comment about attending a rally on behalf of another person who was hurt by the police. This is the rally that Donny was supposed to attend, but was too high to care.


His girl, Dorice, has a secret life that no one else knew about besides her own mother. She was a vigilante who was trying to find information on some sort of corporation. Not a lot is revealed in this issue, except that whatever they were protecting, they were willing to kill for. Clearly she had stepped into something that was more than she was expecting.

Her final ride came the morning after the rally, and after she had stolen some important information from them, and they ran her down in the middle of the road. Another reason Fat Adam doesn’t want to bike would be menacing murderers trying to take out healthy bikers. Her death is what spurs Donny to be the man he could have been so long ago.

We get introduced to Donny’s father when the police are having trouble solving the hit and run. He gets help from the one man who can provide it, even though it comes across that they do not talk at all anymore. What happens next is a series of violence, mystery, and an explosion. Seriously, you need to read this comic, especially since it is only a six part short series.


The writing in this comic is captivating, intriguing, and just the right amount of amazing build up to make the reader want to keep going page by page. It leaves enough questions to make me keep waiting for the next issues coming out, but answers some key things in such a way that I feel fulfilled as it stands. This is the mark of a truly amazing piece of writing.

The artwork though, was nothing short of near perfection. It has an amazing feel of the old style Superman, Batman, and Flash, will being more gritty. It feels like you are there with the protagonist, and feeling everything they feel. I am obsessed with this comic, and honestly I am excited to see what is coming.

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