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We are jumping into a new version of a classic comic Flash Gordon which has been brought back to life by Dynamite Comics. Flash Gordon was an older comic strip from back in the 1940’s, which also became a movie in the 80’s staring Sam Jones as Flash Gordon, and Max Von Sydow as his arch enemy, Ming the Merciless. So rehashing a comic which has been around for over 70 years, can sometimes come off as a bit of a dead horse situation, but Writer Jeff Parker and Artist Jesse Hamm have managed to bring the spirit of the original comic to life with a new story added to the mix. They did an amazing job of keeping the same nostalgic feel to the comic, which I really appreciate.

This series starts by telling us about the death of Ming the Merciless at the cost of most of Earth’s technology. Radios, Television, and most other technological advances sending us back to a time of almost a hundred years before, but leaving us enough to remember what we once were. The world felt it a fair trade to kills off one of the worst villains they had ever seen, or so they thought.


We get an introduction to the Phantoms (yes there is two of them now adding Jen to be Lothar’s trainee), Professor Zarkov, Arden, and of course Flash Gordon. So they give us everyone all at once, and The Mandrake being the man who ties them all together, since he is noticing that a massive earthquake was felt world wide, and caused devastation along most coast lines. It caused large tidal waves to decimate some city populaces, leaving people wondering what was happening, and leading the team to get back together for a new mission.

A mission that no one could have expected to go the way it did. It is fairly predictable to find out that Ming is still alive, and something I figured right from the get go, BUT what he has done is more than surprising, and something I will not spoil on here. You need to get the issue to find out.

The writing was refreshing, as it gave me exactly what I wanted for this title. It brought me back to the old Flash Gordon, which I really wanted this to be. I wanted to feel the characters again, and I really wanted a continuation of old stories, but still adding some surprises on their own side. Honestly, I wanted this.


The artwork was completely old school. It was the washy style from Flash Gordon or even old Batman comics as well. It was the exact style of almost pointillism comic art, which we do not see from comics anymore. It was bright, well done, and nearly perfect for this title.

Honestly, if you are a fan of Flash Gordon, you really need this title. If you’ve never read Flash Gordon, this title may be a bit too old school for you, but I recommend at least trying it out to see how it makes you feel.

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