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Written by Max Bemis with the amazing artwork being done by Dalibor TalajicFoolkiller is the story of Greg Salinger and his move from Mercenary for Hire to Psychotherapist. Yes you did in fact read that right, the mass murdering mercenary now carries a man purse, and claims to look good doing it. They decided to take The Foolkiller into a completely relaxed way, and turn him into the every man, which was a far toss from the man who once killed alongside Deadpool, killing men by the hundreds, and now owned a pug. Foolkiller is honestly one of the most under rated superheroes in the Marvel universe, as he is quite a fun and funny character.

We start by introducing his life, and all the big steps and changes Greg has made. He is starting therapy with a new patient, who calls himself the Young Red Skull without ever truly knowing what the Red Skull really stood for. He was more than just a racist jerk off, he was a man who had serious plans to convert the worlds knowledge, and one of Marvel’s most vicious super villains. A man who more than stood the test of time. This kid Rodney essentially paints dried blood on his face to look like the Red Skull and thinks joining his fathers white power group makes him some sort of king in the Nazi regime.


Greg is doing his best to try and maintain his new life, seems to be thriving in it and actually enjoying himself. He gave up on the mercenary life when he was surprised on a mission by Shield, and was recruited by Captain Gary Span, some high level Shield agent, who has some pretty dark surprises hiding in plain sight. He is one of the main characters who I am wanting to see more character development from, which I know is coming.

The writing in this comic is honestly a blessing. They add a perfect combination of humor, passion, acceptance, and make you have a completely different feeling for the character from one page to another. I appreciate his use of flash backs to help build the back story that gives us a look into the Foolkiller. Mainly though, I appreciate the realism of certain parts. The main one is when Foolkiller crashes through a window, and actually talks about how everyone makes this look cool, but it hurt like a bitch, pulling glass out of his hands and face.


The artwork is amazing for the superhero genre. I felt a lot of Kickass style artwork pop up, but with its own unique twists. This is one of the story’s that the paneling is damn well spot on, and the flow of the comic works amazingly well by the end.

Honestly I am excited to see where this one goes, and know that this will be an amazingly well done series. You need to pick this one up, give it a shot, and see what you think.

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