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The Unworthy Thor is the continuation story for our favorite Asgardian and wielder of Mjolnir, the almighty Thor. Marvel Comics enlists Writer Jason Aaron and Artist Olivier Coipel to bring to life a character we’ve known for years in movies, comics, and crossovers, but add a completely new feel to the character. Now known as Odinson, Thor does everything he can to become worthy once again of holding his birthright Mjolnir. This is the story of his path to Redemption.

Thor lost his possession of Mjolnir as the hammer no longer found him the worthy son of Odin, and in doing so has brought Odinson essentially to the base instinct in him. He needs to use Goat Power (yes, that is in fact a thing) to traverse the known universe now, and still continues to fight his way through all manner of enemies. This issue has him do battle with space trolls, meet up with Beta Ray Bill, and try to find out how in the hell Asgard just up and went missing. So this issue definitely starts to build up a base for this new series, and one which is more than interesting enough for me to follow.


Odinson spends a lot of time explaining his emotion towards having his birthright ripped from his hands (almost literally) and telling the reader why this matters so much. He also goes on to question why a single whisper from an enemy can cause so much pain and devastation in his life. What did they say that made Thor feel unworthy and become Odinson? I assume there are so many secrets we will find out by the end of this series, and so many more questions to come.

The writing in this one is exactly what I would hope Thor would be and really does an amazing job of bringing us back to the original roots of Thor. We get a feel for the character that we all know and most of us love. Thor is one of those characters which is best written like the God himself, and I feel is not usually portrayed properly in most recent comics. He was too acclimated to Earth and lost most of his savage ways of the Asgard people. That is my favorite part of Thor, the real Thor, is his ability to fight his way out of any situation, using any means necessary.


The artwork in this issue is also very well done, combining the knowledge of the character with a more savage design of Thor. No more clean cut, complete armor wearing man with coiffed hair. Now we get an almost caveman looking individual who will literally bite the face of his opponent. He looks more like a man who was forged in war than a super model on vacation. I feel it works absolutely perfectly for this gritty reboot.

I think this will be a must own for any fans of Thor, or violent comics in general. It is shaping up to be action packed, and lesser known characters making constant appearances.

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