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It’s not everyday you find out that the superheroes you’ve always loved are just average people with above average powers. They live, they love, they get married, and they eventually have kids. This is one of those scenarios where writer Gerry Conway and artist Ryan Stegman come together to tell us a new tale about the Spiderman we all know. A story about the completion of a family, and how one man manages to maintain a family, a job, and still has time to be the web crawling hero the world seems to always need. It isn’t an easy task, but I know it is one that Peter Parker is more than equipped to handle.

The comic starts with action right off the get go. We get Spiderman and Scorpion in a heated battle in which Scorpion seems to have the upper hand. This is only because Peter is trying to remember what it was his loving wife needed at the corner store. The standard husband, not writing anything down, gets distracted trying to remember, when MJ calls in a code Green. Peter quickly mops up his foe, glides back to the love of his life, and we find out Code Green is nothing more than a code for “hey, our daughter is sleeping, want to bang.”


We get an amazing introduction to their daughter Annie, who seems to have more of the Peter Parker bloodline than the MJ one. I only say that, because she has all of the agility and intelligence of her father before her, but the grace of her mom. Together, they work to control the feelings inside of her, and try to hide her hidden abilities from the world to shelter their daughter as best they can.

We get a lot of story behind the family dynamic, the fact that MJ can now fight just as well as Spiderman thanks to an enhanced suit he created her, but mostly the introduction to our first villain in this series (serious villain, not a two panel and done villain) MOLEMAN! It’s been too long since we’ve seen him!


The writing is completely well done for this series. I love the development, while giving the characters real emotions to each of them FOR each of them. It adds an amazing family dynamic that captures how a family would react to these exact situations happening. It also adds a level of respect and passion to the characters.

The art work is exactly what you;d expect only more vibrant. It captures the real heart of the Spiderman franchise without destroying it from within. Each page adds to the dynamic nature of the story, and honestly you can tell this team create well together. I can not wait to see what they come up with for the series to figure out how to tie everything in together, without taking away from the actual story behind the story, how to keep them all together secretly.

Absolutely worth a look, and a pick up from your local Comic Hunter!

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