In the Heart of Vehicles




After writing yesterdays Article, I found this amazing new sky ship that I definitely want to be riding to victory!



And I was immediately back down a nostalgic path to one of my favorite creatures from days long ago:



This is most definitely going to see play in the Vehicles decks, as for shear power this is almost as good as Smuggler’s Copter.  The reasons I think copter is still better are simply due to the fact that Copter can cycle cards and is much easier to activate.  However Heart of Kiran is still fairly easy to activate in the Mardu Vehicles lists going around as almost every creature in the deck has 3 power.  Then you have the synergy between Gideon Ally of Zendikar and Heart of Kiran, with the vehicle already on the field most likely dropping Gideon, using his +1 ability and using him to crew the Heart and still be able to remove a loyalty for a blocker.  Then the following turn being able to activate Gideon again, then remove the loyalty counter to attack for a minimum of 9 damage!




Heart of Kiran might even be playable in a more control style of deck, assuming you are playing enough Planeswalkers at low enough cost to make it worth while.  My thoughts on the Heart of Kiran in the control shells would be to serve similarly to man lands.  Walkers that come to mind would be Liliana, The Last Hope, Saheeli Rai, and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, all of which play on curve with the Heart of Kiran.  Saheeli and Nissa I think work with the Heart of Kiran beter than Liliana, but it depends on what the rest of the deck might look like before deciding which walkers are better to run.  And of course there is a plethora of 4 cmc Planeswalkers running around that would more then likely see play in a deck like this.




I also read about Matt Severa’s GP Denver win with Mardu Vehicles and realized I wasn’t including any copies of Thalia, Heretic Cathar and also realized just how good they could be against Ishkanah, The Grafwidow.  If sequenced right Thalia could lead to a total blow out against a Delirium player, Thalia also feels good against UW Flash preventing surprise blocks from there flash creatures.  So moving forward I will probably try and replace Pia Nalaar with Thalia’s as I think against the larger Meta Game Thalia is probably better, in which I will prob move Pia to the Sideboard over Transgress the Mind but they might just be redundant all together.

The only issues I see running Heart of Kiran over Cultivator’s Caravan in Mardu Vehicles is the loss of the black sources ( or blue for those running counters in the sideboard)  making recurring Scrapheap Scrounger a lot more difficult.  Now the shear power and evasiveness of the Heart of Kiran might just simply make Cultivator’s Caravan Seem silly, but play testing will tell, perhaps simply a new mana base or a split between Caravans and Hearts will be the right answer.  Depending on what else is spoiled for Aether Revolt I can definitely see myself simply swapping Caravan’s out for the Heart and just see how it does.  The biggest trade off is the fact that the Heart of Kiran is a lot easier to kill than Caravan, but has Flying and Vigilance and can be attacking as early as turn three instead of turn four.

I hope that you are all as excited to attack with turn three Serra Angels because I know I am, and something tells me Vehicles are here for the long haul through the rest of this standard season.

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